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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Do Men Love Most About Women?

First and foremost, in order for a woman to love a man she needs to know and understand what that man loves about her. And vice versa. If I'm going to love you, I should know what you love most about me. How can I expect a woman to know how to make me happy if she doesn't know what I love most about her? It's that simple. Too often we try to complicate or over analyze why we like someone and what we need to do to please them.

The easiest, most obvious answer to what men love most about women is to go with the physical; be it the entire female body or a particular body part. Most women certainly believe this to be the correct answer. And yes, while I'll give you many a man prefer your "real and spectacular" breasts....

Another admires your luscious Angelina Jolie like lips...sometimes referred to as DSL (ask a friend for what the letters stand for)

While another just simply fixates on your beautiful, one of a kind, sweet, tender, warm  (and hopefully moist) "vag" as Californication's Hank Moody does......

*on a vaginal side note I was once with a woman that was so turned on I could feel the intense heat penetrating her jeans. Not that I'm boasting about was just something I had never experienced before. Nevertheless, it did feel quite complimentary.

And then there's your "great ass" like Al Pacino
so eloquently described Ashley Judd's in the movie Heat...

The female body truly is God's work of art, his finest masterpiece.

But there's more. A lot more. And it surprisingly lies beneath the surface. Yes, you know it and we know it, that Men love Women for their bodies. This only keeps with the whole notion that men are all pigs. And as animals we tend to look at women like a piece of meat. I wonder if the reason women think this way is because they believe it to be fact or is it a way to sort of minimize our sophistication as a person which allows themselves to feel superior and more evolved than us in their minds? I guess that's another question for another blog. After all, I'm here to talk about how men think, not women.

So what? We don't just like your bodies, we love them.  Embrace this natural masculine reaction. Enjoy the compliment that simply by looking at you we turn to puddy and become intoxicated. Please, just don't resent us for noticing what you've been blessed with. It's how we're wired.

Now with all this much as we adore you for the unquestioned aesthetics of your anatomy, I do not believe this is what men love most about women. Rather, men look to something much more abstract about you, and believe it or not...emotional. While most men would never dare admit this to women because it makes them appear soft, or perhaps too in touch with their feminine side, The Naked Truther is more than willing to share what many of you would never suspect about us.

We love the way you look at us.

Not like. Love. Every guy seeks it...hopes for it...and wants it at a first meeting, or during a relationship. The way a woman looks at us goes a long way in how we feel about you. While a woman desires to enter a room with all eyes on her...a man wants a woman to enter with only eyes for him.

"When you walk in the Room....."

No matter how many times it happens to me, I can't get enough of a woman's reaction when she sees me for the first time from across a room, and in that split second instant, she offers up her smile that lets me know how happy she is to see me. It's like ice cream melting on a hot summer afternoon. That's all I need. If I get that smile...and I'm talking an all the way sincere non-faking's the kind of smile that lingers an eternal glow...never disappearing.

A great smile says everything in this world is OK...nothing else matters except this moment we're sharing right now. The simplicity of a woman's smile has the power to cure a lot of the world's problems....a lot of man's anyway. The smile is perhaps the most natural and authentic appeal. A bright engaging woman's smile is her most underrated and most appreciated quality. Trust me. Do you know why a dog is considered man's best friend? It's because a dog is unwavering in that initial greeting, enthusiastically wagging its tail upon greeting its owner. A woman can't literally wag her tail, but she can smile. A woman's smile bestowed upon her man lights up more than a opens his heart and illuminates his soul.

Even more than the smile is that inward looking gaze only women seem to be able to do. The one that looks into us and not at us. Men are masters of the eyes looking "at you ", but women know how to look "into you." I can't describe it any better and you know what I'm talking about when you do it. While that look may be trying to uncover what we're thinking or trying to figure out what we're all about...I see it as someone who cares enough to look at me with a sense of purpose. And that's perhaps the most important quality any woman can offer a man.

Look at us like it matters. And smile when it does.

So now that you're looking at us and smiling in just that way, here's the blunt truth to complete the trifecta. If you can hold our hand you can hold our cock. When in doubt, reach for the penis.  Plese keep in mind this pertains to a situation that's been developing after any initial encounter. If you come out touching us as soon as you meet say, within the first 5 minutes...we may just think you're a in prostitute, not that there's anything wrong with that...but if you're not, then you may want to wait until at least the first drink goes down...before you do.  So, once we've passed the greeting stage and we're onto the kissing or passionately entwined stage if you initiate the touch or the grab, that's when you really got us. To a guy, it's never too soon or inappropriate to place your hands on us. The earlier in the process you do it, the more excited we'll be and the more we'll be into you. I can't underestimate the importance of placing your hand on us during kissing, foreplay or at any random moment. This aggressiveness shows us a number of things. says you're not scared or shy which are extremely important qualities in a great lover.'re not a tease. If you're into us, show it. Don't beat around the bush...beat around the cock.

Some guys will tell you they enjoy taking a woman's hand and guiding it down because they like to feel that power and desire a womman to be submissive. This may be true, but they still prefer you to do it on your own. And for that matter, I can't imagine a woman too thrilled with being told what to do here...unless that's her "thing." I was with a woman once who touched every part of my body except my dick. She ran her hands around it and everywhere else, except the one place she should have. At the time it bothered me and kind of disturbed me, but I didn't make an issue of it and I certainly wasn't going to take her hand and guide it. I knew she was experienced and certainly knew what she was doing..or not doing.  Maybe she had a line in my mind she did not want to cross for the evening and touching me would have broken a pact she made with herself before the night began. Who knows? The point here is that I wasn't going to act like I was begging for it. So I just pretended I didn't give a shit. At the time I felt like she was intentionally playing with me and I wasn't going to take the bait. Shame on her. Shame on me worse for letting her get away with such selfishness at a time when we were both naked and extremely turned on. It was ridiculous.

On the other hand, for those of you out there who just aren't sure about grabbing it, I understand you may have been traumatized as a young girl when you timidly reached for your first boy penis and he blew his load immediately.  Oh, the horror.  Yes, it is so overwhelmingly exciting when you're a teenager to have a woman grab your junk you quickly lose all self control. However, as we get older, while the busting excitement still remains, we learn to maintain ourselves as we've steadily acquired more discipline, hopefully Or perhaps you're just trying your best to remain "lady-like"...not overly aggressive, dare I say? You're managing your Whore-like behavior.  That's holding back. And we don't like you to hold back...ever.  As Usher's song "Yeah" goes....."a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed." That's what we all want. ALL of us.

OK. To recap. What you look like is not as important to us as you've been programmed to think. Every guy has different tastes in this department. And there's only so much a woman can do to control her physical features.  What you can control quite naturally and is more universally appealing amongst us is how you look at us, smile at us...and touch us. And that's what men love most about women.