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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Theory on What Women Want

On this blog I don't speak for women...nor do I try and claim to know exactly what they want. To me, that's an impossibility with infinite answers. I only pass along how men think, on what we want, and what we "perceive" women to want. With that said, I thought I'd share some thoughts from another respected man who's seemingly given the subject as much thought as I, perhaps even more. 

My man claims all women want the same thing....and it has nothing to money, happiness or love. "All woman want emotional security from their man, in the sense they (women) can feel safe with expressing their volatile emotions."

He says it took him into his 5th decade to figure this out. He offers his insight to men everywhere by providing tips on how to properly provide that sense of security...and that environment a woman needs to feel "emotionally safe." Only when a woman is free to express herself under her conditions will she truly trust, respect and embrace a man.

Here's his website.

According to him, it's all about how men react to women. His number one ascertain is that men cannot fight emotion with emotion. Women are the emotional ones. Men are not. We are the rational problem solvers. We fix things. Tell us what's wrong and we'll make it right.  He goes on to explain how women perceive us to be totally incapable of "real" emotion, so the last thing they need is some incapable emotional man getting all "emotional" on them and telling them how they feel or how they think. Whether we can actually express ourselves or not is not the issue.  In other words, what do women call sensitive men who show too much emotion?  Pussies. And no man who's labeled a "pussy" is getting any pussy any time soon. Women may say they want "sensitive" guys, but really they just want guys who are sensitive to women...not to themselves. Makes sense.

What I wonder is, how many women actually believe this to be true about themselves and what they want from men? More likely, you may not even be able to answer it, because what you think you want, isn't actually what you need.

From what my man says, part of a woman's emotional distress comes from not being able to properly and accurately communicate what they're feeling. And this drives them into the never ending state of what we men refer to as "crazy." A woman's emotional being is so complex, so disorganized, there's no way of properly "fixing" it.  So, naturally, men become frustrated they can't do anything about it, and women become  increasingly frustrated by men who can't help them.  At least until man's website spells it all out...for all of us. 

While the site aims to help men find a solution, I could make the case it's women who would actually benefit more from checking it out. When we want something, we don't often fully understand why we want it. Identifying and understanding our problems are the first steps toward solving them.