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Friday, December 13, 2013

Just to be clear....

While all men think about sex all the time we think about plenty else too. But since sex consumes and dominates the male mind, naturally, women think that's ALL we think about.  Even as a monk I still think about sex a lot...not in the traditional sense of needing it, wanting it and craving it. More like...I can't believe how much time and energy I've wasted in my life devoted to needing it, wanting it and craving it. With all that said, here's some common things men say to women, and what they really mean....
  •  "How's the boyfriend?" - Translation:  I hope things are shit, so I can finally have sex with you.
  • "Your hair really looks great" - Translation:  I would love to run my hands through that while I have sex with you. Most guys will take it further and think, 'I can't wait to wreck that beautiful hair' (sexually speaking of course).
  •  "You wear that dress well" - Translation:  I want to rip that dress off you and have sex with you.  This one also applies to "You look great in a T-shirt and Jeans" or "That looks great on you."
  •  "Nice shoes" - Translation:  Nice breasts. or Nice ass.
  •  "You have nice feet" - Translation: I want to suck your toes dry and lick the bottom of your foot clean...and then have sex with you.
  •  "Wow. That's interesting." - Translation:  Damn. I wonder what she looks like naked, or if we've already been naked with you...Damn. I can't wait to get naked with her...again.
  •   "Can I have your number?" - Translation:  Will you have sex with me?
  •    "I'm sorry." - Translation:  Can we please have sex now? 
  •   "You're a cool chick." - Translation: I think you might actually have sex with me.
  •   "I want to get to know you better" - Translation: I want you to get to know me better, so you'll feel comfortable enough to get naked with me because I already know enough right now about you to get naked.
  •   "We care about our job." - Translation: We care about our job that makes us money that helps us to meet women and get laid. 
  •   "I love football." - Translation:  I really do love football, but you know what I love even more? Sex.
While all of the above is 100% non-fiction, men really are extraordinarily deeper than just thinking about sex. It's just hard to believe because we're SO into sex. But, if you're brave enough to continue reading, this blog explains it ALL.

Peace, Love, Hugs (& Hard-Ons),
The Naked Truther

Friday, October 11, 2013


Forget alcohol, is there anything more intoxicating than a hot bartender?  We're all suckers for bartenders. Why? Simple. They're typically friendly, attractive people who give us attention. It's easy to fall for that. Guys look at female bartenders from two perspectives. Either, we view them as untouchables because we know they are there only to do a job. Not to mention, every guy who walks into the place is going to hit on them. Or we view them as another approachable option.  Let's face it, we don't go to a bar to drink. We got to a bar to meet someone. Who cares if that someone is a customer or employee.  You can stay home and drink alone, like George Thorogood.

Personally, I can sit all night, drink and watch a bartender work and be very happy.  For whatever reason, my personality also attracts bartenders, or at the least, my personality allows me to engage and flirt with them.  I'll never forget a gorgeous red headed bartender in New York City from 10 years or so ago, who was appropriately named 'Amber'. We seemed to hit it off immediately and I knew from how she was smiling that it was more than just her job looking back at me. After that first encounter, I left town for awhile, and when I returned to the bar a month or so later, I was naturally wondering what kind of reaction I might receive.  My curiosity was answered as soon as she saw me approach. She gave me the most genuine, warm, welcoming smile a woman can offer. I've talked about this in a previous blog, but the way in which a woman looks at a guy, is her single most attractive quality. She even remembered exactly what I had ordered before. We continued to flirt many times after, as I kept coming back in, hoping to get her to go out with me. She never revealed she was dating someone, but I figured she was...this wasn't the type of girl who stays single. What bartender does?  At any rate, we finally did go out one night and it turned out to be the best date I'd ever had to that point in my life. We talked and kissed like we'd been dating for years.

One of the things that I took from that experience with Amber was to never discount chemistry and a connection, no matter the circumstance or context.  A few months ago I met another bartender here in Los Angeles, who I sensed a similar connection as the one I had with Amber. This one had just broken up with her boyfriend, maybe even that day.  I don't know for sure, but she made it clear she had no interest in going out with someone right now.  I asked her if she was attracted to me because I like to cut to the chase. Regular readers of this blog know I'm not one for games.  If she said 'Yes' then I would hang in there, give her space, time to get to know me, etc....if she said, 'No' then I'd just move on. Well, she said 'yes, but that she didn't like some comment I made about preferring the other bartender."  At the time I may have said that, I was just messing around with her. So, I thought maybe she was just messing around me. I pretty much dismissed her sass, and continued to show interest.

For the next few weeks I came back in once a week to see her. The days I went in became my favorite part of my week, every week. At the time, I don't know if she realized it but I was only specifically coming in to see her.  If you've followed this blog at all, you know I'm 90% monk. I don't date. I don't look for women.  I do, on occasion, leave open the door should I meet someone exceptional. This one seemed special. She was playful, sexy and liked Bruce Springsteen. What else do I need?  I didn't just want to have sex with her, she was the type of girl who I could date and have a lot of fun with. I told her I wanted to take her to a Springsteen show. If she only knew how much that meant I thought of her. By the way, the other bartender who works with her told me she thought "Springsteen is an idiot." So, of course I could never date her, but like Bruce and I, she is a Libra, so I could have sex with her.

Back to the one I really liked.  I went in one night with to ask her to go see Journey with me in Vegas and she was actually wearing a Journey shirt! That was weird. But I never did get to ask her that night cause she was having some drama or something, so I just handed her a note about the show. She shoved it in her pocket without reading it. Who knows if she ever did.

However, I still wasn't making any progress in getting her number.  Bartenders, much like strippers and waitresses tend to be a bit more cautious about dating customers.  It's probably because they've seen and heard from plenty of assholes on the job. I found out through a male friend of mine, who knew her before I started going in, that she had a boyfriend. I figured she probably just got back together with the previous guy. When I went back in to ask her, she told me it was, in fact, someone new. And that he just "swept her off her feet."  Well, while I was happy for her, it felt like a punch in the gut to me. I suddenly felt like an idiot for thinking we had any kind of real chemistry before.

So, now, of course it's awkward between us. I gave her my blog, hoping she would read it and see that I had been sincere in my interest and further understand that I wasn't just another asshole trying to pick her up. I doubt I'll go back in again to see her. While seeing her still puts a smile on my face, I no longer seem to put one on hers. Hey, it's not all bad. I've grown quite fond of this whole monking thing. It's better for the heart.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Please don't be discouraged or turned away by the lack of current posts. With more than 100 entries on this site covering a wide range of topics and issues, I'm sure there's plenty of content to satisfy....even as I'm fully aware satisfying a woman is no easy task.  

If you have any questions or curiosities, I'm still happy to answer them privately via email. Thanks for checking the site out. Happy hunting.

With nothing but love,
The Naked Truther

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Great Expectations

If you don't have them...why even bother?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Muse

At some point in every man's life a woman inspires him. A woman who lights his fire, strokes his creative forces and burns deep within his soul. While the relationship can turn physical, the foundation is always built from the mind forward. For better or worse, this woman engulfs and transforms his thoughts. This woman becomes his Muse. 

Picasso had Dora Maar. Andy Warhol had Edie Sedgwick, who also mused several rockers. Albert Brooks looked to Sharon Stone to be his in the movie, The Muse.  In recent TV, Californication's Hank Moody has his in true love Karen. Bridgitte Bardot inspired many a man in Film, TV and the Arts.

Women affect men in ways far greater ways than women can possibly understand or imagine. And this blog is no exception. While it's true that a number of different women have directly influenced and directed my writings, there's one woman who remains clearly in front of the rest in terms of inspiration and contemplation. She inspired a poem, parts of two TV Pilots, a feature length screenplay, endless chatter, and yes, this blog. 

With the face of an angel, the body of a goddess, the heart of an Eskimo...and the soul of a fire crotch breathing dragon...originally from Chicago (a city I love), she's deeply affected me in ways no other woman has or will again. I'm a different man because of her...for better or worse. I'm still not sure. Regardless, she's served a purpose; she's been my extraordinary enlightening Muse for the last three and a half years. Not a day has gone by that I have not thought of her. I can't imagine a day where I don't think of her. I've finally come to accept what I've already known for 20 plus years: The pursuit of women for purposes of dating and loving is not healthy, for me. Hopefully, I'll spend my remaining years going after things that only make me happy and healthy.

It seems appropriate to mark my 100th blog entry with my former Muse's direct presence. As such, I am closing the book on her as my eternal enchanting, enigmatic, maddening Muse of a woman. And with that, no longer will I write any more Naked Truths. I'm all mused out. This is it. Thanks for reading and participating all that you have these last couple of years. I hope some of what you've seen here has been helpful, enjoyable and perhaps, inspiring.  May you only travel down paths that lead to fulfillment. I leave you with, what else? A quote from my one and only, bromantic Muse, Bruce Springsteen.

"Once I was your treasure, and I saw your face in every star"
Back In Your Arms (1988)

And what the hell...since this is my last might as well as have a look at the two curiously varied Bi-Polar faces of my singular most important feminine Muse, that just may have, in fact, hailed straight from the Garden of Eden. The first face below represents the woman who kissed me like my tongue was the best thing she ever put in her mouth. The second face perfectly captures the woman who acted like that kiss never happened...or mattered. In retrospect, I guess I should have paid more attention to a short film she wrote,  produced and starred in, that featured her Dad falling on a large nail that pierced his skull and killed him. 

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best, including my once, but not forgotten, Muse. L'Chiam.

Your Naked Truther

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Are We Still Here?

A couple of years ago I came across a website called "whyareyoustillhere" which had me immediately wondering, 'What man or men could have possibly inspired such a sensational creation?' And then I quickly realized, ME!...I was the reason this site was created. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. The site asked women to submit stories that showed men still hanging around or communicating when it was clearly "over." It appears the website has since been taken down, but nevertheless, it brings up a worthwhile discussion.

When I shared this female driven and directed site with other men they all remarked in the same way. They all questioned, Why would a woman be so disturbed by cold to angry? Is she jaded? Is she just a bitch?  How can anyone be so dismissive by someone who's offering the one thing everyone wants.

No man would ever think to produce a site like this, let alone ask the question. We know why you're still loved us. You were crazy about us. We get it. Just because we've been told you're no longer interested doesn't mean we're able to automatically turn our heart off.  Despite what you may think or what some of us have led you to believe, we're not nearly the Emotional Ninjas* you ladies are.

*Emotional Ninjas is a catch phrase conceived by Comedian Whitney Cummings, who to our knowledge, is in no way responsible for the above mentioned website, nor as of this writing, has had any relations with The Naked Truther.

I have an additional thought on the subject: A man's feelings are only as relevant as much as a woman is willing to accept them. In other words, women can only handle the emotion they're prepared for or want to receive. Disagree? Think you're capable? Ready for us now? Maybe. But more likely, you won't be ready until YOU'RE ready. And that'[s not very evolved or nurturing.

Go ahead. Take a survey. Every man thinks the above notion  is true about you. It has to be on your terms when you're ready...only then are we allowed to love you.

Now, I'll attempt to answer more specifically why we're still the most general of terms.

Men are fighters, in the sense we're raised to never give up. Especially athletes. If a man's played any kind of sports, he's competitive. Winners never quit. Defeat is not an option. Persistence counts. That last one was actually said to me by a woman. And speaking of women...I can't even begin to tell you how many times a woman has changed her mind with me...what we were going to do...or not do. Get out. No. Stay. You gotta' go. No. One more. For a guy, it's exhausting and confusing. But it also makes us think we always have a chance because we never know when you're going to change your mind....again.

And then there's these reasons.....

Because you left us with unanswered questions and still have yet to answer them.

Because we fell in love with you as soon as we met you.

Because something happened to you too....for when we asked you out the next day you said "we should "definitely go out.....not "Maybe" or "I don't even know you"....but "definitely".

Because our connection and chemistry was the kind people dream about.

Because we thought you were our dream girl.

Because we wrote a poem about you before we even went out.

Because we wanted to fly across the country to see you and take you to see our favorite band (as if I need to say the name) for our first date.

Because we would have flown around the world to take you to see yours.

Because we recorded your favorite band in concert on our DVR....and saved it for months.

Because we walked special to a corner in NYC and took a picture of a street sign that bore your last name.

Because we patiently waited 2 months to see you.

Because the shorts we wore the day we met had your last name inscribed on the inside waistline....unbeknowst to us.

Because of how you looked at us....and smiled at us.

Because you held our hand.

Because you told us you loved our laugh....and our smell....and our taste.

Because you couldn't wait to get us naked.

Because your clothes were begging to be ripped off.

Because you looked like an angel on your doorstep.

Because we met on an ominous date like 10/10/10. 11/11/11 or 12/12/12.

Because you told us we'd have plenty of practice.

Because even if you were seeing someone else, it does now affect how you make us feel.

Because the nipple never lies.

Because we told everyone we knew about you.

Because we couldn't wait to fall asleep with you....and then wake up next to you.

Because we loved how you felt in our arms.

Because you thought we were "so sexy".

Because you told us to give our Mother a kiss for you.

Because you told us you couldn't wait to see us....and then later that you needed to see us.

Because you kissed us like no one has ever kissed us before.

Because we felt your heat penetrating your jeans between your legs that first night in your bed.

Because you texted us before we even got home how incredible the night was.

Because you admitted you were holding back the second night in your bed....and this was after you had already been more turned on then any other woman we'd ever been with previous.

Because we think you're not being honest with yourself....or with others.

Because we couldn't wait to listen to you talk to us.

Because we were done with women before we met you.

Because we felt lucky.

Because you once made us happy.

Because we know you have no idea what you want....and that you don't actually have everything figured out like you told us you thought you did.

Because you were crazy and we dig that about you (Wedding Crashers reference).

Because you asked us if we were in touch with our feminine side and we still have no fucking idea what that means...why ask if you never cared about the answer?

Because you told us we make dreams come true...and we wanted to believe you.

Because what ever happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas.

Because you turned us on more than any other women ever had.

Because you told us the sex with your previous boyfriend(s) was terrible.

Because we're crazy....hopeless...and romantic.

Because we'd wait forever for you...because we already had been waiting forever to meet someone like you.

Because we think with our heart and our head.

Because you said you were a talker and not a texter.

Because love is's crazy, it's stupid, it's intoxicating....and it affects us all differently.

Because you said a lot of things that's left us wondering what was real and what was not.

And finally....because no matter how much of us grows to loathe you and your chilling, callous indifference...and how you chose to be with someone else who took God knows how long to tell you that he wanted to be serious, and then you end up actually rewarding him for acting like he didn't give a shit for as long as he did....couple with the possibility you may in fact suffer from a serious bi-polar illness.....even with all that knowledge......a small part of us....will...still, always love you.

That's the reason why we're still here.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #PRIDE

Pride is recognized as the most deadliest of all sins. Why? Because it has to do with an over infatuation with yourself. And in the story of Lucifer, who was so in love with himself, he thought he could compete with God, ultimately failing and falling from Heaven, which lead to his transformation to Satan.

I've heard plenty of people say that you can't love someone else if you don't love yourself first. Making yourself more important than another is something that masters pride, but fails at love. Loving yourself in such a way breeds selfishness, disregard for others and a supreme confidence that makes you feel better than everyone else. Newsflash. You're not. Sure you may be a wonderful person, but to think you're so much more wonderful than the person beside you breeds pure evil.

Humility, the counter virtue to Pride, is what you need. Not that you should think any less of yourself, just that you think of yourself less. Removes the focus from you. I always found women who treat men poorly tend to be the most selfish, narcissistic ones. 

It's time for a self examination. Be faithful to promises. And offer more credit to those who deserve it.  Love yourself all you want, but not at the expense of others. You're never as important or as wonderful as you think you are.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #6 ENVY

Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire. And while it's similar to jealousy it goes beyond simply feeling discontent to someone else's traits, attributes or fortunes. The envious desire and covet what others have. It directly relates to one of the 10 Commandments, "Neither shall you desire anything that belongs to your neighbor."

When it comes to envious women, one of the man codes is to never mess with your boy's girl. You just don't go there. Yet, I hear stories all the time of women sleeping with their girl friend's guys. What cause this action?  foremost, a lack of respect for your friend.  However, more than anything else, envy is the root of this sin.

Envy vexes me because I could never understand why someone would see someone else's happiness and try to selfishly sabotage it for their own pleasure. Being jealous is a factor of not being happy with yourself, but being envious is behaving without a soul.

Men will consistently tell you that when they approach a group of 3 girls...there's always one in that group that wants to leave or will "cock block" the guys from getting anywhere with their girlfriends. That girl is an envious c-u-next-Tuesday. Don't be that girl.

It's no surprise that the counter Virtue for Envy is Kindness.  Warmth, generosity and love for another do not exist in a person with envy. The kinder you are, the more you hope for someone else's happiness.  Instead of competing with your fellow females for a boy's attention why not...I don't them achieve what they desire. What comes around, goes around.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #5 Wrath

Rage. Anger. Hatred. Whatever the cause of such an outbreak of this negative and nasty disposition is not nearly as critical as what to do about all this built up resentment and frustration?

Thornton Mellon had the answer: Do not go gentile into that good night. And don't take shit from no one...especially from the opposite sex.  For purposes of this blog I'm going to reserve all these emotions that compose "Wrath"  for our feelings toward, well, the opposite sex. If only they were as easy to dismiss as Rodney barks in this infamous scene in his 80's classic film "Back to School." It's something I struggle with on a daily basis. At times, I've tried to redirect my wrath and use it as motivation to be a better person, more successful, find things that will allow me to smile, rather than frown. None of this really seems to work. 

A more useful tool may be to look at the Virtue for Wrath which is "Patience". And forgiveness. If you can learn to forgive whoever made you angry that's a peaceful step in the right direction.  Until you manage to justify and accept whatever brought wrath on, you will never be able to move past it.

I'm hopeful that one day my internal anger I still feel toward some females whose behaviors deeply affected me will eventually pass. Remember, this too shall pass, eventually. Patience and forgiveness are the two most important paths to inner peace. That, and reminding myself "not to take shit from no one."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #4 Greed

Ah yes, Greed.  Michael Douglas as the great Gordon Gecko made it infamous with his "Wall Street" movie speech, proclaiming it "good", for lack of a better word. Like "lust" and "gluttony" greed is also a sin of excess,  most commonly referring to the excessive pursuit of material possessions. Although, it can also mean in more general terms, pursuing or acquiring more than one needs.

So how exactly does greed invoke itself into dating? Like any other pursuit...not being satisfied or content with what you have. Always looking for what we men call women out for: the "BBD"....the Bigger Better Deal. Because we seldom find women to know what they want, we believe their eyes to always be on the hunt for the next best thing. Now, I understand how women too think this way about a man's wandering eye. So, let me put it another way.

When men pursue and engage women we basically look for two very simple things. Are we attracted to you? And when we see you, or think of you, do you make us smile? That's it. If the answer is a solid "yes" to both those questions, we're content...and satisfied. We don't need anymore. For to need, and expect more, would be....for lack of a better word...greedy. While our simplicity at times is mocked for being underdeveloped or neanderthal like, it should be more celebrated and appreciated. Greed may be good in capitalistic endeavors; but when it comes to matters of the heart, it's pure evil.

With women it all starts with your "lists".  My best advice is to shorten them, immediately.  As you get older you realize what use to seem so important and a "deal breaker" doesn't nearly matter so much. You will never find happiness with a man if you can't be happy with the simplest traits so prolific in us men.

The heavenly virtue associated with Greed is Charity. Not in the sense of financial giving, but the benevolent giving of kindness and love to others. The less you demand...and need...the more you're able to offer and in turn, accept. This kind of love resides in your will, not in your emotions. Love thy neighbor just as you might love God. If you can be this virtuous, then whatever someone can give you will always be enough. Appreciate what you have...and not what you don't. "More" will cease to exist and thus, you will find yourself further down the path to happiness.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #3 Sloth's as ugly as it sounds. It's often defined as physical and spiritual laziness. Not doing the things one should do. To take it even further, ignoring or failing to uses one's talents or gifts. Being a virtually waste.

First the physical. No excuse not to exercise or go to the gym or take an aerobics class. Whatever. If you put on weight easily, watch what you eat. Work out! Not doing either is just pure laziness. Show some discipline and self-respect.

Now the spiritual. Recognize and appreciate your purpose or your personal strengths. Not to be crude, but if you give amazing blow jobs...then don't be shy with sharing that talent with the world. But more than any sexual proficiency you may possess, work on your moral fiber. 

No more delaying what you know is right or what you should be doing with your life. I don't care how hard it may be for you or what you think others might say, just do it already! Women are so focused on the concept of time and timing, sometimes they lose sight of what they actually could be doing with their time. Your time is too valuable to be "waiting" or making excuses. Once you've figured out what you want (sadly, many women never do) fucking go after it!  Enough with being a Sloth.

The heavenly virtue to counter Sloth is Diligence. 

Be diligent with your life. It's a virtue of hard work and the goodness that goes with it. Don't wait on others. Be proactive. Be productive. Work to improve yourself like it matters. Not giving a shit about something or someone is just a lazy, sloth like cop out. You should work harder to care more. Even if you can't make a difference in your life, you may just cause a positive change in someone else's.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #2 Gluttony

In my continuing look at the 7 Deadly Sins, next up is Gluttony. To gulp down, over indulge, over consume.  You might say when it comes to sex all men are gluttonous. Ha. However, gluttony can further be interpreted as selfishness...which is one of many favorite topics to discuss when it comes to men and women.

One of the single worst attributes a person can have is selfishness. All this talk about self improvement and focusing on your needs makes the world great for you...because you've now made it revolve around you.  It's all about you. Go ahead focus on yourself.  See what happens to the love you attract...and give.  When it comes to relationships, if you put your needs ahead of your partners you will never experience true love. The nature of love is the absence of selfishness. It's also a "golden rule". Do unto others...

The corresponding Virtue is Temperance. Restraint, Justice, Mindful of others. In other words, it's a proper moderation between self-interest and the surrounding public's. Always be aware of how your actions and thoughts affect others. That is the key to a more peaceful, harmonious and loving world. 

Don't just be in it for your personal satisfaction or gratification. The world you live in is not only about you. In fact, it's probably least of all about YOU. Make more time for others. Not less. If someone calls or messages you, answer them. Respect yourself by respecting others first. Stop being so "gluttonous". It's deadly.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Follow Me

Photographer Murad Osmann has a released a series of striking photographs with his girlfriend from around the world. They're all identically shot from his point of view of her leading him.

My first thought was "Damn...that dude's got some hairy arms." OK, maybe that was my second thought. Back in the day, a sexy picture of a pretty woman from behind like the one above might have sent me straight into a self indulged lust fest, requiring a completion of tawdry proportions.  However, my strong willed mind of today leaves me comfortably relaxed, free and clear to intellectually evaluate what's really going on these images.

The guy is allowing the woman to be in charge. While some woman seek submission, most enjoy the pleasures of taking control, to a point. Not only in terms of where they may go next, but...well...quite frankly...the terms, as in, how they're going to get there. Men know this...and since we're ALWAYS working to turn you on, because God only knows what does....we'll do just about anything that brings sex to the forefront of your mind. All women have a personal point where they're willing to give up their control when it comes to foreplay and sex...and turn it over to the man. And it's usually up to the man to find it.

Now, with a body like that, I can totally understand why this guy wishes to photograph his lady in such a....forward position. She's not only the object of his desire, but I'm sure of many others.  When a guy likes a girl he wants to capture her in all means possible. Whether to photograph her, write about her, paint her....anything that showcases her in his light is something we desire. It's always struck me as strange that women do not garner the same reaction to men....Are we any less desirable? Or do women not see us as in an art form?  You never see women taking photos of their boyfriends or other men.  The real question here is: How willing of a subject was she?

According to the article...the project came about because the guy was stopping too frequently to snap photos and his girl reached to grab his hand to "keep going". When he snapped a couple of pictures of her pulling him away, he decided to keep up with the idea of photographing intentionally. And I'm also certain it took some convincing on his part to get her to turn into a willing participation. No women says Yes to anything with any ease.  Most ideas we men have that involve women tend to be frowned up as either "silly" or "juvenile".  No matter how old, or how mature we may appear, we are all little boys at heart.

So, yes, this is partly a photographic accident that became a collection of photographic art...but mostly, it's a playful game of sexual desires and conquests. At least that's how the average man will see it. I do wonder what the ladies think?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #1 Lust

This is the first entry in my engagement of the 7 Deadly Sins and their Virtuous counterparts, as they relate to the mind of a heterosexual man.

With lust being first up on the acrimoniousness list. So, what exactly is lust?

In sexual terms, Lust is derived from the Latin word "Libido". The more a man's lust, the higher his libido. It's rare for a woman to say "I wish my man had more of a sex drive". We simply lust too much for you. Lust can also refer to the intense desire for non-sexual things like money, fame, material objects, etc. No kind of  lust is good...they're all deadly. No matter the type, all lust leaves you unfulfilled, unsatisfied and unhappy.

Several schools of thought exist for men on one of the most common after effects from sexual lust: Masturbation.  

Some guys enjoy masturbation for the pure pleasure and self gratification. Others do it out of frustration and need; while some prefer to bottle it, keep it in and save it for their partner. And yet there are still a few brave souls among us, who choose to refrain from it all together.  

In my personal journey toward enlightened desire-less  I've found myself to be much stronger in mind now, than when I was as a regular practitioner of lustful principles. If lust makes you weak, then clearly, Masturbation is weakness leaving the body.  Not wanting, yearning or caring for lust fulfilling conquests have left me with a personal strength I never thought attainable. I'm healthier, more respectful and unequivocally happier without lust in my life. Which leads me to the opposite of lust: Chastity. And the first of the 7 Heavenly Virtues.

Chastity is defined as: Abstaining from sexual conduct according to one's state in life; the practice of courtly love and romantic friendship. Cleanliness through cultivated good health and hygiene, and maintained by refraining from intoxicants. To be honest with oneself, one's family, one's friends, and to all of humanity. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought-through education and betterment. The ability to refrain from being distracted and influenced by hostilitytemptation or corruption.

In a world without lust, you are free to dance the night away with your girlfriends in a public forum without the worry of a strange man sidling up behind you and rubbing his throbbing anatomy against your backside. Sounds heavenly doesn't it? We should all aspire to such virtuous.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Explain Yourself...Please

We're not judging you.

We're not criticizing you.

We're not suffocating you.

We simply want to understand you.

We want you to say what you mean.

We want you to be crystal clear.

We do not want to interpret incorrectly.

We crave knowledge.

We're hungry.

Feed us.


For example.

"Talk soon" and  "I need time".

Please eliminate these cryptic female phrases immediately from your dialogue, unless you're able to provide additional details. How soon? Why can't you talk now? How much time? Why do you even need time? If you don't know what to say, tell us that. Time for what? To possibly change your mind?

Anything short of complete honesty and transparency will make us think "What the fuck is really going on?" Why the mystery? Just tell us.

If you're truly sincere in these incredibly ambiguous and frustrating statements then make us think you are. If you're trying to blow us off "nicely", please don't. Knowing we should be able to "take a hint" or "figure it out" is not being nice. It's being obtuse. And rude. We don't care about nice. We care about the truth. Women want nice. Men want answers.

Be more direct.  Being obvious to you and your girlfriends doesn't make it so for us. We're the stupid ones. Right?  In the short run and the long run being direct will not just serve you better with the men you don't want, but it works miracles with the ones you do. And isn't that what you want?

Make some miracles today. It's easier than you might think.


As always, 
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Boys Don't Cry

If you've been reading this blog at all, by know, you should believe that "boys don't cry" is complete bullshit. Trust me. Just cause tears aren't running down our face, we can still make it rain on the inside.

Yes, we're some horny motherf'ers who get physically turned on at the first sight of our favorite female body part...but it doesn't last....very long....very long at all....certainly never long enough. What does last is how you make us feel.

How you make us feel when you laugh at our stupid jokes or our silly attempt at quick witted humor.

How you make us feel when we talk to you....and you listen.

How you make us feel when we feel like shit.

How you make us feel when you text us that you miss us or you can't wait to us....or you need to see us.

How you make us feel when you just answer the phone and say Hi when we call.

How you make us feel when we walk into a room.

Believe what you want, but the tough guy act is just that.

Monday, February 25, 2013

'We Saw Your Boobs' and Kristen Stewart Likes Licking Armpits

I think it would be more than appropriate for me to comment on Seth MacFarlane's Oscar song parody 'We Saw Your Boobs", so here goes. That song and Seth proved once again how grown men will always think like juvenile little boys when it comes to women and their anatomy. We love boobies. And for the actresses who choose to share their sweet mounds of luscious mayhem for all the world to see you, we salute you, brave, free spirited feminists. Let it all hang it out. Be proud. Be bold. Be bare.

Now speaking of actresses, I'd like to recognize Kristen Stewart for a moment. Not for her odd Oscar Night appearance, but more recently for an on-line article that mentioned how the young, not so innocent, housebreaking mistress of an actress enjoys licking a man's armpit. I know you want some proof, so here's the article.

As a man, I find this particular desire both bizarrely alarming and erotic. Liking a man's natural scent is a common occurrence;  however, taking it to the next level, such as armpit licking, is what separates the freaks from the submissive milk and cookies girls pretending to be "good".

The first and only time a woman inhaled my armpit, like it was the last, greatest smell on earth left me at a loss for words...and blood....I was even more aroused than I thought I could ever be. To a man, there's no better compliment than ingesting us with a wild animal-ism normally associated with, well....wild animals.

Bravo Kristen Stewart for letting your freak flag fly. So ladies, don't be shy. Follow Miss Stewart's lead on this one. Smell, taste, inhale and ingest your man 'till your heart's content. We won't mind one bit.

And don't forget to throw in a little side boob action just for fun.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Chase

A married female friend of mine tried to tell me tonight she believes men lose interest after they've "got" the woman because it's all about "the chase." I've heard this analysis from other women before and wonder how they ever came up with this one. I'm here to once and for all, refute this notion of men loving the chase. It's complete and total bullshit.

Sure, I understand why women would think men enjoy it. All the crazy shit we do, the attempts, the time spent to woo is usually considerable and often bordering on ridiculous. But this effort has nothing to do with the pleasure of the journey. It's all about the end result. Most men will do whatever they need to do in order to succeed. We are goal oriented. For food. For jobs. For women. Especially for women. Do not confuse our excitement from the final result with the painful steps it took to get there.

To put it another way. Two guys walk into a bar at 9pm. 

The first guy talks to as many ladies as he can over the next 4 hours. He empties his wallet buying drinks, eventually gets drunk...meets a woman at last call and is lucky enough to take her home at 2am....but not before they stop to grab something to eat, and then go back to her place for a long drawn out make out session where they may or may not end up having sex. He eventually passes out at around 5am.  

The second guy who walked into the bar at 9pm meets a girl at 9:05. They share a laugh, have one drink and by 945, they're making out hard core. The girl whispers into his ear that she wants to fuck him. He pays the tab and they leave straight back to her place. By 1030 they're naked. By midnight, he's sound asleep. Happy. Content. Satisfied.

Question. Which guy do you think any guy would prefer to be? If your answer is not the "second guy" then no wonder you have problems with men. You still have a lot to learn.

First thing to understand about men. Just about everything we do is geared toward getting women. The car we drive, the jobs we do, the clothes we wear, the smart ass comments we make. All about attracting the lady.  Plus, time is money...and blue balls. Efficiency is the name of our game. All this chasing, jumping through hoops business is exhausting. If we could get women by sitting in our underwear, watching cartoons on TV, and eating cheese, we'd never leave the house. EVER.

The only time where it may be valid to suggest we like the chase is that we do not want you to be so easy that you give off the vibe that you're easy because you're easy with everyone. We want you to be easy only because it's us.  Essentially, you're not making us chase you because of how wonderful we may be and there's no resisting our charm, beauty and affections.

If a guy does quickly lose interest in you after he's "gotten you", then sorry sister, he was never really that into you to begin with....and was probably just trying to have sex with you. It's referred to as "Hit it and quit it."

I think the chase misconception lies from the fact that women are actually the ones who enjoy being chased, so naturally, they just think we should enjoy it too. Sorry to burst your bubble on this one. Just ask Vinnie Chase. In Entourage some girl told him that he was going to have to "work for it". He laughed off her requirement and said "The reason I got famous was so I wouldn't have to work for it anymore."  Normal men only work because they have to...not because they want to. 

If anything, we tolerate the chase, just as long in the end, we get what we were chasing. If the chase was so enjoyable for men, it wouldn't matter if we ever got the girl cause the ride was the fun part....honestly, the ride sucks. Parking the car in the garage is where it's at.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why Won't He Commit or Get Serious With Me?

Only four possible answers.

He's not passionate about you OR He's fucking someone else OR He just likes fucking in, that's all he likes about you. OR finally, he got burned in his last relationship and is scared to go down that road again.

It has nothing do with being afraid of commitment or being weak or being fearful of losing his freedom or being just not sure. We know as soon as you open your mouth whether or not we want to date you. How serious we get is entirely up to you at this point. Yes. Our decision was made that quickly.

Guys have no issues with committing to their favorite sports team, musician, car...whatever. So why should we be unable to do the same with you? The answer lies above.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 5 Most Popular "Naked Truth" Blog Entries

I decided to do some recycling and revisit my five most popular entries since I began operating this site in 2011. By "popular", I simply looked at the number of page views generated, which means either the title proved to be a subject of extreme interest or just showed up more on internet search engines. For each one, I've provided some thoughts and reactions.  So, out of 85 total entries, here are the top 5. Perhaps though, I should have saved this for my 100th post...oh well....I guess I'm now taking suggestions for my 100th post.

5.  A Man's Want v A Man's Need for Sex - 325 views
It doesn't surprise me that a sexual entry is in the top 5. After all, we're (I'm) constantly reminding you ladies how much men think about sex. And naturally, women must wonder what's the reason, if there is even a reason, beyond just us being animals and filthy, disgusting pigs.  

4.  Blue Balls, Shrinkage and Morning Wood - 387 views
Again with the Balls...and Sex....Apparently, you Ladies are far more interested in sex than you've led us to believe.Oh, you naughty little girls. Yet, you're still never going to want it or need it like we do...but it's encouraging to know you're, at least, interested in reading about it.

3.  How a Man's Broken Heart Affects Him - 482 views
So you are more than just about sex after all? Wow. Or more likely, this topic strikes you as so far fetched, you just had to check it out. What? Men suffer from broken hearts? Can't be. be plenty.

2.  Stop Rewarding Men Who Play it Cool - 715 views
I am most shocked by the number of views this one generated.  It makes me think that women realize they  do, in fact reward men with bad behavior, or reward those who act disinterested and perhaps, want to do something about it. David Spade was just on Howard Stern this week talking about this very topic. He's bedded an unbelievable number of Hollywood starlets from Heather Locklear to Julie Bowen and too many Playmates in between. He says he learned at an early age "once you show your cards to a woman" she's done with you. He argues you can't be crazy about a woman because it turns them off. For whatever reason, women cannot handle extreme affection or adulation. Either they don't believe they deserve it or they feel it puts too much pressure on them,...the kind of pressure they can't handle. Sadly, too many women are more comfortable complaining about the attention they don't get, then enjoying the attention they do receive. 

1.  A Sexed up Jenny McCarthy on Howard Stern - 2321 views
This entry by far and away proves the power of Google and the "keyword". It's almost unfair to count this in my top 5...but then is unfair...and love is, it stays.

As always, your comments and questions are greatly appreciated. 
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As Music goes, so goes Love

Most of us wish to be younger. Age grows tiresome for us all.  However, sometimes, I wish I was actually 20 years older and can remember a time when love and romance not only meant something, to both men and women, but was completely embraced and respected. When I think of the 60's and the kind of music to come out of that decade, from the Girl groups to the Beatles, the predominant themes were all about love and falling in love.'s still about love, but on the wrong side of it, breaks up and heartbreaks.

Go back and listen to the golden era of the 60's where Jackie DeShannon's "When You Walk in the Room", or The Crystals "Then He Kissed Me", and The Chiffons "He's so Fine"...and even the The Beatles break out American hit "I Wanna' Hold Your Hand" were musical staples. This music was uplifting, positive and yearning.

So what happened to music? What happened to us?  

Unrequited Love. Disappointment. Disillusionment. 

By the 70's, gone was the optimism, romantic ideals and free love so prevalent in the 60's. The Vietnam War, and then the Woman's Liberation Movement changed forever how men and women felt and interacted with one another.

70's songs like The Eagles "Desperado", Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" and Tom Petty's "Don't Do Me Like That" gave way to the likes of  Sheryl Crow's "Are you strong enough to be my man?" signaling a change of the heart on both sides.  And today, singer songwriters like Taylor Swift and John Mayer continue to write about lost love and hard feelings.

It's no wonder more and more people are so unhappy with the world and with each other. The marriage rate is down. Divorce is up. I personally know so many couples completely miserable with each other. And for those still single? They've thrown in the towel long ago. Where has all the hope gone?  The dreams? The romance? 

In 1975, Bruce wanted to know if love was real. Today, I wonder if it still exists.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Best Things to Say to a Man

Lately, I've focused a great deal on some of my personal obsessions and how men think, and have gotten away from pure advice for women when it comes to dating. So, with that spirit in mind, here's a few sure fire things you can say to a man that will not only impress him, but turn him on as well.
  1.  I  can't wait to see you again.
  2.  I need to see you.
  3. God, I want you to fuck me or God, I want you inside of me (Note: the use of "God" implies a  more enthusiastic religious like fervor.
  4.  I'm proud of you.
  5.  I love your laugh.
That's really all there is to it. Nothing more needs to be said to us ever. Contrary to popular wisdom, we are extraordinarily easy to please.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Being Romantic

One of the most common complaints from women is a lack of romance from their man or from men in general.  One day out of the year...Valentine's forced upon us to be just that. But doing something on Cupid's derived holiday does not make you a romantic. Maybe it's just the Libra in me, and the fact I love Bruce Springsteen so much, but I'm one of those guys, like Bruce, that carries "romantic thoughts in my head" every day.

Being romantic means always thinking of what you can do for your girl...or a girl who you want to be your girl...that will make her smile. Whether it's sending a simple text that says "I'm thinking of you" or driving all night just to buy her some shoes, when it comes to romantics, it is truly the thoughts that count. 

Like walking out of your way to a certain street corner in New York City just to take a picture of the street sign which happens to bear her last name.

Like waiting on her doorstep just because you had to see her.

Like flying in, out of the blue, just to surprise her....even if it was on Valentine's Day.

Like flying 1500 miles out of the way just to take her to lunch, to a museum and for a walk in the park.

Like writing a poem about her that may end up being more Dr. Seuss than William Blake.

Like not going to the Grammy's without her, even though you had VIP and she did not, and Bruce Springsteen was opening the show! was I thinking?!

Like grabbing her hand and pulling her with you as you rush to the front of the stage for Bruuuuce....not leaving her behind to get there a friend of mine inexplicably did last week. He romantic...not.

Like staying up all night to watch her sleep because you didn't want to miss her waking up.

Like doing something, anything...just because she wants to.

Like taking her photo.

Like making a mix tape (CD).

Like holding her hand.

Like posting your favorite song on her this one. 

Like liking what's next with her.

Like not wanting the night to end.

Like thinking of her....always.

Like if you're in love....even if he/she doesn't know it yet, or doesn't even care....Happy Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Man Who Has His Stuff Together

I was at a college alumni dinner the other night and a woman, who was there, asked if anyone knew any single men available.  For whatever reason, I exchanged glances with the guy next to me and we both said to each other, "Hey I'm single."...not that we were necessarily interested in this woman...I was not on any level...but, we just kind of both jokingly let her know we were available. To which she quickly dismissed, "Oh, I mean men who have their stuff together."

Now, she didn't know anything about us other than what we did for a living...had no idea how successful we may have been or even anything about our personalities. Maybe she just assumed no one at this "networking" dinner could possibly have their stuff together, otherwise why would they be "networking?"  I really should have asked her exactly what she meant by her comment because it bothered me and everyone around me at the table, including some women.  For once, I chose to remain "professional" and non-confrontational. I let it go without much condemnation. I let her get off easy.....Maybe it's the Prozac.

At any rate, after stewing over this for a few days, today, I recalled a woman who I met a little over 10 years ago. I can remember it like it was yesterday. At soon as we met, for lack of a more masculine word, I was smitten immediately. But I also thought...I can't possibly date this woman, not now anyway. She's a project for the future. Down the road...I would go for her.  My hesitancy had nothing to do with a lack of confidence in her being into me; rather, it was all in my head. It was all about me. I did not feel like I had "my stuff" together. I felt like I needed to be able to give her "more" or somehow "be more" than I was at the time. And  I'm not talking just was a combination of a lot of other things that I thought were important.  

Yes, I put this woman up on a pedestal, thinking she was perhaps the most beautiful, enchanting and exciting woman I had ever met. And also thinking, just being a "fun" guy or a "good" guy would not nearly be enough....and was not that I thought she was the type who would need anything more than that from whoever she dated. I just thought she deserved it. And you know what? She does. I still maintain a relationship with her today and I still feel the same way about her. Although, we never did end up getting together, I still believe the only reason was because she was not physically attracted to me...and had nothing to do with whether or not I actually had my stuff together.

So, it got me thinking even more about what it means for a guy to have his stuff together. What does it mean for a woman?  And does anyone really have their stuff together? I mean...we're all our own way. We all have issues. We all have baggage. None of us walk around free and unencumbered  All of us have our share of stuff that's all over the place. Maybe a more relevant dating question to ask men is, "Do you know what you want from a woman?"

Keep in mind, this question is very different from asking "What do you want?" If you ask men this question you will all most likely get the same answer. Men want women. But knowing what you specifically want from a woman speaks to your unique personality and your relative confidence. Springsteen has a line in his song, Brilliant Disguise, "God have mercy on the man who doubts what he's sure of." 

Part of the reason I love Bruce so much is that he always knows how to sum it up precisely and perfectly. Only a man who knows exactly what he wants is a man who truly has his stuff together. And as messed up as I am...above all else....I've never had a doubt what I've been sure of...and what I want....even as far back as the time I met that woman a dozen years ago.

For those's Brilliant Disguise, in it's entirety. It just happens to be one of Springsteen's most beautiful songs....complete with a very eloquent introduction from Bruce about the song, and about love.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Howard Stern and his Snow Angel

OK. I know what you all are thinking before you even started thinking it. Howard Stern and Snow Angel don't exactly go together. Or if they do, then it must be something sick and perverted. Yes. They very much do go together and No, it's not perverted. In fact, it's probably one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.

In recent years Howard's taken up photography as a hobby. And naturally, his most photographed subject has been his model wife, Beth. Here's their latest heavenly winter wonderland collection with video.
What makes this set of pictures so exquisite and striking isn't just because the composition and subject are so  appealing; rather, something else is going on behind the lens.

Beth is Howard's inspiration. His muse, his joy, his passion...and his lover. These pictures. This hobby. This is the extraordinary affect a good woman can have on a man. You make us want to take your picture. To paint you. To sculpt touch hold write about breathe in your presence and bask in your light.

Any man who's ever been in love knows exactly what I'm talking about. And while there may be some women out there who share a similar sentiment, I've never heard of one.  Women just don't look at men as someone who inspires them or takes their breath away in a non-lustful manner. I can't offer any explanation  as to why a woman takes such an intoxicating hold of our conscious and devoted thoughts. All I know is she can. Women possess an existential magical power over a man's psyche.

You can vividly see it in the photographs how Howard clearly feels about he looks at her...and into her. Every man desires a woman to look at in that way. And even more important, we want a woman who wants us, alone, looking at her in that way. And that is a true snow angel.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Apple and The Woman

Friend or Foe?  
 Where in lies the evil?
The Apple? Or the Woman?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Bromance with Bruce Springsteen

I’m a 100% heterosexual 41-year old single man and I’m in love with Bruce Springsteen. I’m neither embarrassed nor at all concerned by this bold public declaration of affection. In fact, I’m extremely proud of it, knowing there’s thousands, if not millions, of other men, who feel exactly the same way.

The Grammy Foundation honors Bruce this week with its annual MusiCares Person of the Year Award, recognizing him for his lifelong achievements in music and charity efforts. Bruce is as much the world class humanitarian as he is the accomplished musician. His latest Grammy nominated single, We Take Care of Our Own speaks to the core of his songwriting and ideals. The Boss doesn’t just rock, he cares too.

From early in his career Bruce built a deep connection with his audience, as he sought purpose, passion and love in his own life. He invited us to join him on his journey. Seek out our light. Live our dreams. All the while preaching, only together, will we truly make it. In order to leave behind the Darkness on the Edge of Town, traverse through the Badlands, and ultimately, reach the Promised Land, we need one another.

For men, Bruce sings perfectly how we think about these things which give us meaning…about cars, about girls, and about life. And like Bruce, we all just want to know if love is real. His spirit fuels our hearts. His words entice our minds. His music lights our fire. He’s tough. He’s sensitive. He understands. Bruce talks and walks like a man. He’s the epitome of a “guy’s guy.” With all due respect to Jerry McGuire, it’s The Boss who men want to be, and who women really want to be with.

This bromantic Boss affair reaches all the way to the highest office in the land. During his first national campaign, President Obama remarked, “I’m running for President because I can’t be Bruce Springsteen.” Then, during the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors, Obama reminded us that he may be the President, “but Bruce Springsteen is the Boss.”

Ask Jon Stewart what he thinks of Bruce Springsteen. Rolling Stone magazine published a cover story last year where Jon spent an entire afternoon convincing Bruce how much he meant to him. Or better yet, go to YouTube and watch Jon’s incredibly humorous, yet poignant introductory remarks from those ’09 Kennedy Center Honors.

When it comes to our collective “man crush” on Bruce, nothing about our adulation is meant to be funny, over-the-top, or too dramatic.

NBC News’s Brian Williams, perhaps the most ardent of celebrity Springsteen tramps, confessed to Wendy Williams that “if there would happen to be some sort of chemical imbalance one day that would cause him to go in the other direction, Bruce would be his guy.” And he wasn’t joking.

Newsweek’s President Rob Gregory’s license plate calls out “Bruuuce” to all on-lookers.

New York restaurateur Drew Nieporent travels the world for three things. Fine dining, cigars…and Bruce.

Author Peter Ames Carlin just spent 494 pages detailed pages examining the life of Bruce.

An 18-year old Scottish Blogger who tragically lost his Father 5 years ago and has found both consolation and inspiration in Bruce’s music finally saw him in concert for the first time last year. “In New Jersey in September, I stood in the crowd as Bruce spoke about allowing the ghosts of our past to walk alongside us, with us. In that moment, as though with the cool evening wind of late fall, came something which has changed my life forever. I found peace with my Dad.”  (

The two Eds, Norton and Burns are smitten.

John Cusack could go for a soak in his Hot Tub Time Machine with a certain Jersey boy.

And speaking of time travel, Michael J. Fox has plenty of plutonium to power the flux capacitor anytime for the Boss.

The coolest of the cool, Arthur Fonzarelli is hot for him.

Zoolander Facebook stalks him.

Bababooey wants to share a banana.

In 2008, Danny Devito gushed and drooled like a little school girl while inducting his Asbury Hero into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

Robert Dinero’s signature line “Are you talking to me?” came courtesy of Mr. Springsteen.

Tom Hanks belted out “Rocky Ground” into my ear at the infamous Apollo Show earlier this year as if his next Oscar depended on it.

Bono, Eddie Vedder and Tom Morello all want Bruce to be their fourth.

Even Bruce’s current Manager Jon Landau, who you would expect to have the deepest of crushes, wrote this when he was just another music critic for The Real Paper in 1974, BEFORE he became his lifetime business partner. “When his two-hour set ended I could only think, can anyone really be this good; can anyone say this much to me, can Rock ‘n Roll still speak with this kind of power and glory? And then I felt the sores on my thighs where I had been pounding my hands in time for the entire concert and knew that the answer was yes.” And oh by the way, in that same column he also declared, “I saw Rock and Roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen.”

In a world filled with broken promises, distrust and false idols one man continues to rise above and outshine the rest. When people ask me why I love Bruce so much, or why I need to see him perform in concert over and over again, I always say the same thing. He never disappoints. And while I’ve never actually met him, I did touch his foot once while he crowd surfed…I feel like I’m as close to him as any other man I’ve ever known, outside my Father…who’s also in love with him…mainly because of me.  In all sincerity, I trust him. I know I can count on him. He’s my best friend.

Another close friend and I use to say to each other that if we could find a woman to light up our lives like Bruce does, we’d be the two happiest guys in the world. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

If you want to see what it looks like for a bunch of grown men to have tears of joy in their eyes with their arms raised high, go to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

In Landau’s much quoted historic review he also wrote, “There is no one I’d rather watch on a stage today.”  I’ll call and raise that sentiment.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than watching Bruce on stage today. And I do mean NOTHING. Well…I wouldn’t mind throwing the baseball around with him and then having a beer.

I love you Bruce Springsteen.

Friday, February 1, 2013

When Will I Be Loved

Despite how much I keep you telling how important sex is to a man and how all we think about is getting laid we also spend more time than you would think about love. Most men won't admit it and prefer to keep the superficial stereotype alive, but that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to open our hearts and let you inside our minds.

But then again, don't take my word for it. Think about how many men have written songs over the years about love. There's a helluva lot more songs on love than there are on sex. The Everly Brothers released "When Will I Be Loved" in 1960. And in 2009 two of my favorite male musicians who would never be confused for "softies", John Forgerty and Bruce Springsteen, covered it. 

I keep saying it...but it needs repeating. Men are deeper and more thoughtful than you've been led to believe.