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Sunday, August 26, 2012

8 Compliments Your Man Wants to Hear according to COSMO

...according to Cosmopolitan magazine and . Here's their list and the link to the article with my added comments for each below.

1.  "No one makes me laugh like you do"
Women always claim they want a guy with a sense of if it's that true then this is one of the best compliments you can give us.

2.  "You give the best advice"
Men want to be helpful and for you to feel like you need us.

3.  "You're so big"
While you would think we want to hear this...the reality is when we you say this we probably think you're full of shit. Cause just like we're aware there's always smaller...there's also always bigger. Instead of complimenting our size why not just tell us how great we feel inside you?  Like "I love how you feel inside me" It sounds more genuine too.

4.  "Your arms look sexy"
If you're going to say this you're going to need to touch our arms as well...otherwise it's empty words. Words without action are meaningless.

5.  "Your butt looks amazing in those jeans"
Unlike women, men want to be objectified for our bodies. Objectify away.

6.  "You're making me so hot right now"
You're making me "so wet" works too.

7.  "You're so good at_______"
This can be anything...not necessarily sexual. It shows you're paying attention to our skills. Believe it or not we want to be appreciated for more than just our penis.

8.  "I feel safe when I'm with you"
I'm not a big fan of this one, but I understand why women say it. As men we're constantly reminded how unsafe women feel around men...whether it's because of the threat of physical violence or rape or stalking or just plain creepers men scare women easily.  We know if you're feeling safe with us then you can trust us...and if you can trust then you can have sex with us. So telling us you feel safe just means you're ready to get naked.

No surprise half of these are sexually stimulated.  Obviously, men need lots of ego boosting for sure, but above all, your comments need to be genuine. Bullshitting a guy just to make him "feel good" is no better than faking your orgasm for the same effect. We want the real deal. And completely turned off by anything else. If we can't trust what you say to us we can't respect you....much less love you....but we can still have sex with you.