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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sex Surrogates

The new film Sessions, starring Helen Hunt and William H. Macy, spotlights sexual surrogates. For those of you who do not know what a sex surrogate is, it is a professional therapist who treats patients with sex.  In the movie, Helen Hunt is a sex surrogate...but with a twist. Her patient is physically handicapped.  

Here's a review from Newsweek.

Now you could argue when it comes to sex, all men are somewhat physically handicapped....performance and ability...most of us have no idea what we're doing...we need help. Lots of it. So, this film got me thinking. Why shouldn't ALL MEN be allowed a sexual surrogate? And not just allowed...but the government...and covered by insurance! Before the uproar ensues, I'm going to justify my request with some well documented facts.

1.  From the time a man receives his first erection, sex is an all consuming quest. It defines us. All our efforts are designed on how best to get sex. From our job, to our clothes, to the car we drive...all meant to attract a lady in the hopes she'll one day remove her pants for us.  We don't just crave it. We need it. We need it to feel like a man. We need it to further our confidence. We need the release. Masturbation is not the only temporarily relieves. It's a quick fix.

2. Men are angry. Why?  It has very little to do with money, job, or our favorite shitty sports team. Most of are anger stems from sexual frustration. We're either not getting laid as much as we want to, or worse...not getting laid at all. This shit makes us beyond cranky. You want peace on earth? Provide a sexual surrogate to every single man.

3.  Prostitutes are not surrogates...they cost $, are not regulated....and often come from abused or drug backgrounds. They are not safe. If mental disorders can be treated by medical professionals and covered by insurance than so should sex workers...of the professional kind. ObamaCare would be a lot more popular if sex surrogates were a part of its coverage.

4.  Proper training leads to improved skills. Wouldn't all you women like better lovers? Would you rather be the one who teaches? Or would you rather a man come with all the necessary skills? I can't tell you how many times I've heard women complain about their partners love making and how unsatisfied they are with them? Pleasing a woman is not know it...we know why shouldn't there be a legal training program? We live in an advanced society....why limit this thinking to science, education and culture? Sex is just as important as anything in this world.

5. Most men will not publicly support my position. In private, 100% will agree...even the "religious" ones.

Unless your man has thrown in the white towel and shut down his sexual the tormented and the broken hearted, and those miserable men in dead end marriages...a normal man's desire for sex never fades, no matter the age. I know men in their 60's just as horny as men in their 20's....the only difference is that older men become better game managers...we're wiser....we know how to control and manipulate our carnal desires.  The widespread use of sexual surrogates can only help men...and women. 

Everyone needs therapy, particularly of the sexual variety. The use of sexual surrogates isn't simply about satisfying erotic fantasies; it's about developing a more loving, peaceful, educated society.