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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fate, Texts & The Smell of a Foot - PART II

Continued from:  Fate, Texts & the Smell of a Foot - PART I
If you have not read the above yet....I highly suggest you do....otherwise the continued story below won't make as much sense.

I wasn’t just going to give up that easy. We had too much chemistry and I was too attracted to her to just blow this off…I needed to make some sort of statement to her….but what? She told me to "keep in touch". What does that even mean?

While I was in NY I thought of walking over to 69th and Madison and taking a shot of the street sign….her last name is Madison....which I never thought about it at the time but that shit is like EVERYWHERE! Store names...street names in every city...I've seen it in Philly, New Orleans, Tampa. It's ridiculous. My parent's even live down the street from The Madison apartments. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing if this story had a happy ending...but...well...keep reading. I'd later find out her last name isn't even her real's her "stage" name...which I guess only adds to her drama...anyway...

So I went to the corner in NY, snapped the photo and sent it to her with a simple note saying "Scalper Steve found your sign….ha ha ha."

She thought it was so sweet and loved it…how could she not?!….I’d be back in LA in a few weeks and I’d just hit her up then…in the interim, I thought about her a lot…and even wrote some silly poem one afternoon….but of course I never sent it to her at the time….


I wait beneath your sign,
At Madison and sixty-nine,

For my phone to ring
To see if genitalia
Really is your thing.

What might I need to make me King?
Perhaps it’s a vibrating cock ring.

What do I do to pass the time?
Before we meet for reason and for rhyme.

Scalper Steve is who I am
But it’s you K-Red,
And not K-Fed,
Who makes me say God Damn!

Charm and Wit is what I’ve got,
So cast that other fool back into the lot.

Your smile’s soft and sweet
Like an angel in my bed
Curled up against my feet.

At five foot eight and nine
We stand aligned,
If for nothing else,
To wine and dine,
Until we sixty-nined.

Everything I write isn’t award winning, ok?…A girl friend called me the X-rated Dr. Seuss...I'll take that as a compliment.

The pic seemed to clinch the deal to convince her to meet up with me, but her schedule was jammed and I was only back for a week so we never ended up getting together…not even for 5 yogurt…no coffee…even though I don’t drink that poison I just wanted some face time with her…see what happened….whatever, but she’s got no urgency anymore…she’s in the “relationship” …so now I’m gone for a couple of more weeks…and back in NYC for another Bruce show…fate appeared again in the form of a weekend Delta special to NY from LA…and I actually ran into a guy I knew from LA in NY who saw that deal and flew in just for the show…so I was gonna’ ask her to fly in that weekend....but, she never called me back…

Nevertheless, when I returned to LA a few days later I texted one more time...if nothing else I'm persistent.  Most guys by now would have just let her go and said fuck it….she’s got my number…when she wants to get together she’ll let me know…but I’m not most guys…I actually try….and give a shit.

Here's the text I sent:

Just because I want to rip your clothes off doesn’t mean we can’t still have a professional relationship. I am evolved, slightly.

Well played again on my part…because she replied immediately….

OK. In that case we should definitely go out soon.

She was ready. 2 months after we first met.

Not to look to anxious I suggested a harmless lunch the following week.

A lunch it would be. What could possibly happen over a mid-week lunch?

to be continued.....