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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fate, Texts & The Smell of a Foot - PART III

Continued from:  Fate, Texts & the Smell of a Foot - PART II

If you have yet to read PART II please read it before PART III.
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While I had been looking forward to this day for awhile…much like Larry David I had to "curb my enthusiasm"…for all I knew she was still dating this other guy and had no interest in anything but just meeting up with me for a meal.

At the last minute she called to switch it from a lunch to dinner. Something came up. OK. No problem. Lunch, dinner, breakfast least she wasn't canceling.

I was oddly relaxed the day I already knew things were going to go well. No pre-game warm-up...i.e.…cleaning the pipes (rubbing one out).…This was just a casual friendly dinner. 

I suggested Jones CafĂ© which is one of my favorite spots in LA…probably cause it’s got more of a NY vibe to it...and the food’s awesome…I go there a lot after concerts or games to eat and hang out cause it’s one of the few places in LA to serve decent food after midnight.

She loved the idea...and as it turned out she'd lived within walking distance.  I had a couple of cocktails at the casa before meeting her over there…and again, it had nothing to do with being nervous or anything like that…After a 3-minute meeting, a few texts and one very engaging 30-minute phone conversation I already felt extremely comfortable with her.

I got there first and waited up at the bar…I wanted to see her walk in and happened to catch her just as she  entered. You can always tell how someone feels about you from that first reaction and she did not disappoint.  She spotted me and came over…her smile grew brighter the closer she got…she looked sexy as hell…pretty much exactly how I remembered her…she gave me a big tight hug...I held her for a little longer wanting to see how she felt in my arms…she felt pretty fucking good…no surprise there….as she backed away I could tell she was soaking me in trying to make more sense of me.  I think I even said “Soak me in. Go ahead.” 

She thought I kind of looked different…or not exactly what she remembered…Scalper Steve vs Cleaned Up Steve…I don’t know…she thought I was a bit more intellectual looking…probably cause of my glasses…but clearly whatever going through her head was positive. I sensed that immediately.

We got a table and some drinks right away…yadda yadda….some 6 hours later I was rolling around in her bed.  Details…details…OK…not to worry…unlike Jerry, I could never get too old or mature for details…

First off, I’ll repeat…I went into this date with zero expectations…originally we were going to have lunch but she changed it to dinner and when she did that I told her she was in charge….and early in the evening it was clear she was not treating this little get together so professionally and I called her out on it. 

She said, “You told me I was in charge. So…I’m in charge and I’ll ask what I want to ask.”….Job interview questions these were not…I admit I was enjoying the shit out of her directness.…she thought she’d try and make me squirm or be uncomfortable…you know just to kind of mess with me…but it wasn’t working…it was only making me like her even more…I couldn’t take my eyes off her…the alcohol wasn’t the only thing getting me buzzed….and she kept leaning over the table touching my arm…if she wasn’t doing some heavy legit flirting she sure knew how to fake it….Meg Ryan watch out.

I don’t know how many times the waitress came over asking if he wanted to order some food…we never opened our menus…the entire night…we ended up sharing an appetizer, some drinks and that’s it.  Other than thinking how incredibly cool and beautiful this chick was…here are the highlights of our 5 plus hours at the restaurant…yes...we were there for 5 hours. And no awkward pauses either.

She doesn’t watch TV, but loves Seinfeld….and dogs…what's left?  Oh...yeah. Bruce. She's not exactly a fan. Ouch. I was willing to overlook that for the time being. I figured that would change soon enough. She liked me. She'd come around.

The Sex with "Mr. Serious" is terrible…yes…she volunteered that info…at the same time reaffirming to me how important sex is to her…check please….I wondered why the need to tell me about the importance of sex or the state of her current sexual relationship. 

I said the only obvious honest reaction I could have, “Well, I guess that means you’re done with him then."

Well...not exactly…she neither confirmed nor denied anything…just smirked at me.  Not a good sign.

No shit the sex with "Mr. Serious" was terrible…She was out with another dude (at the Dave Matthews concert) and wanting to go out with a 3rd dude…me…2 weeks before he suddenly became "Mr. Serious."

She then went on to tell me how her last serious relationship lasted 6 years, but after 6 months she just wasn’t into it sexually anymore and knew it was over…so I asked her how she could stay with the guy another five and half years?...Right?! She sounds completely insecure and crazy right about now.  Her answer?  “He was my best friend.” I told her she could still have been friends with the guy without being in a miserable  unsatisfying relationship with him.

She goes on to tell me "I think I'm cursed."  Hah! I almost fell out of my chair.  She’s cursed?!  First of all, you cannot be cursed when every man…straight or gay, along with most women, lesbian or not, wants to be with you.  Her only curse is that she lacks the necessary courage and confidence required in her personal relationships to make her happy…she thinks more with her head than she does with her heart…the only way to be happy is to listen to her (your) heart…ask Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers….

The head may be logical, but love is not. If anything, it’s irrational. After what she just told me…it’s obvious….and logical…how happy could she be right now?  Remember, she took another guy to see her favorite band and then she said she wanted to go out with me the next day.

And as far as her “terrible sex”...any guy that can’t get her to have the most mind blowing sexual experience has something wrong with them…she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever known…and I’m saying this before I ended up naked with her…ooops…spoiler alert….

But I suspect there's something else going on here. Professionally, she’s got all the confidence she needs….she was so proud of her short film she just directed and wanted me to see it.  Business girl needs to have a coffee talk sit down with relationship girl. The thing about loving and being loved is that you have to be willing to surrender control to your partner. Let love lead...I'd be willing to bet that she's sexually frustrated because she tries to control her love making rather than just let it happen. Real intimacy doesn't come from control. It comes from letting go. Relax. And free yourself to love.

Naturally, she asks about my past relationships….it’s a subject I try to avoid with women because nothing good can come from talking about them…obviously, things have never really worked out or I wouldn’t be sitting here with you…she pressed me…she wanted to know how long my longest one had been…I wanted to be honest with her…but I knew it would throw up a red flag…I told her I had never been in what she would call a long-term relationship…6 months tops…now at my age…I’m 38…I came clean on my age too…even though I know you wonder what’s up with someone who hasn’t been at least engaged or close to it by then…I didn’t feel the need to hide anything…and I can usually get away with 32…I think she guessed I was 34, 35…Luckily I’m still aging well even though my heart, at times, feels twice as old as I look.

So anyway, now she thinks I’m this free-spirited playboy player type…afraid of commitment…all that shit…and I tried to explain that wasn’t the case at all…but I never really did a good job of it…if anyone’s cursed at this table it would be me…I've had a couple of girls who could’ve been long termers, but either they weren’t ready or they weren’t interested…on the flip side, I’ve been with several girls who absolutely adored me and wanted more from me…but it just wasn’t there for me. Many people need to be in a relationship. I'm not one of those.  I don’t need to be with anyone.  Meeting women is not a problem for me. Meeting women who I want be in a relationship with is. And when I meet someone I like...well...that like is probably exponentially greater than most because of how difficult it is for me to find someone I connect with on both a physical and emotional level.  And that’s the short of it.

Plus, dating in LA is so fucked…really…it sucks….for the most part, people here are too self absorbed to sustain anything meaningful. I’ve been much more successful outside of LA. A relationship does not work unless you’re willing to put the other’s happiness at a higher level of importance than your own. And that’s rare as shit here in the city of angels. That’s why the best lovers are selfless and cannot usually be found living in Los Angeles …the best lovers do anything to please their partner first….unconditionally.

We got back on the sex talk and I asked her if she knew what the biggest difference between a man and a woman during sex was? She wasn’t sure. I told her a woman is trying to have an orgasm and man is trying not to. She definitely liked how I broke it down.  See. I am simple. At this point I felt like I could say anything to her aloud.

What I should have told her exactly what I was thinking. Unlike "Mr. Serious" I didn't need to wait to want to be with her long-term. Just like that I knew I could with her. We could have ended the night right then and I would have woke up feeling the same way. When a guy knows...he knows. We don't need the processing time you females generally do. I think men trust their instincts a bit more.

Instead I went a little philosophical on her.  I told her there are generally two kinds of people…either you’re the kind where everything matters or nothing matters. And I was certainly an everything matters person. I don’t know why I felt like sharing all this enlightenment with her...I guess it had to do with all her “interview” questions…and the fact I was trying to keep scoring points…a friend once proclaimed, “Women are the employers and men are the employees…we’re the ones going for the job” …no pun intended…but come to think of it…..  

I wanted her to know...early on...that I gave a shit. No game playing here. 

And then for some crazy reason I told her about this script I had written called Fate Walks In…she wanted to know about something I had written…and as soon as it rolled off my tongue I regretted it…of course she was going to want to read it when I told her what it was about:  A guy thinks his cocktail waitress may just be the love of his life...I told her if we’re still talking in 6 months I’d let her read it.

With all this heavy relationship talk I desperately needed to lighten things up a bit…and I knew just the thing to do it.  

I asked for her hand…she wasn’t hesitant at all…just curious…slightly vulnerable…and absolutely adorable…it was time for a ‘lil thumb war…I admitted I had checked out her personal website and knew about the thumb war thing listed under her "special skills."  She didn’t say anything. She didn’t have to. She just smiled. I could see in her eyes she liked that I had found it…One two three four I declare I was in there…and then we tussled…but she wasn’t really trying…and I was cheating..and she complained that I was lifting my arm off the table…I was…I can’t even remember why we stopped...we just did…or what exactly happened next…I think she may have gone to the bathroom…it was a moment for sure…cinematic…

In some ways I couldn't believe how well things were going so far...and in other ways, it didn't surprise me at all.

Before she came back I swapped seats at our table…I took hers…just to see her reaction plus I was kind of tired of sitting in my chair...she did have a much more comfortable booth…when she returned from the bathroom she playfully looked at me like what the hell are you up to?...That look was something I'll never forget about her and one of the things I found so incredibly endearing. She was fun. Willing to play those little flirty games that heighten the excitement.  It turned me on immensely.  

I simply told I her wanted to see her in a different light…she smiled, and without hesitating, took my seat…somehow...tonight I seemed to be saying all the right things...maybe I should have played the lottery before I went home…I felt like I could not lose.  Truth be told, I felt like I had already won the lottery by this point.

I can’t remember how we got on the topic of her legs…maybe I said something…oh yeah she spilled some water and it kinda’ went all over my pants…I had a wet spot in just the wrong place…of course she laughed at that…she then said something about her wooden leg and could I still love her with her wooden leg? More playfulness.

I reminded her Tony Soprano fucked some Russian woman who had one, so if he could do it certainly I could too….so I reached underneath to grab her leg...and she laughed and said it was her other one. She had a great classic of those that you never get sick of hearing.  

I instantly grabbed her other leg, and this time, pulled her foot up into my lap…that she liked…a lot.  I’m not one to shy from physical contact…she had very sensual feet…not that I have any kind of fetish for them…I just like pretty feet…and it’s a good thing cause how the hell are you going to kiss, caress and suck on some nappy toes?! I’m lightly massaging her foot in my lap and she’s just smiling and now wants to see my foot.  Go right ahead…I know I got nice feet….so I put her leg down and drop my foot into her lap…she promptly removes my shoe…holds my foot and smells it…ok….that’s a first…and totally fine with me…only makes me think she’s been with nothing but losers in bed…cause again…no way…can you have bad sex with this chick…impossible….she then takes my sock off….this is all going down in the restaurant at the table….gently inspects my foot and says I do have nice feet and then gently puts my sock back on….I can’t wait to get naked with her…whenever that might be…I could wait a lifetime….it might drive me insane…but I could wait…

By now…we both needed a bathroom break…and I asked her if she knew about all the pictures in the Men’s room…Jones is known to have a lot of racy photos all over their bathroom walls…she came in with me to the men’s room…no one else was in there…my first instinct was to throw her against the wall and deeply kiss her with everything I had…but I showed some restraint…and continued to play it cool…she laughed at the photos and said the woman’s restroom looked the same…she dipped out and that was it…fuck me! Where’s this night going?

When we got back to the table….we got the check and our fortunes…Jones serves Italian, but still dishes out fortune cookies…peculiar…so she grabbed hers first and I can’t recall what it said…other than being kind of unmemorable…and mine?....

Your sensitivity is an asset

We both laughed…see, I tried to tell her I was a sensitive guy…..whether or not it’s actually an asset is up for debate.

So we left the restaurant together and started walking to her car. There was no way I was letting her get in there without kissing her…a full battalion of Army Rangers could have been standing in my way and I would have found a way to get it done.  I wanted that very first kiss to feel like it was the last kiss I would ever give her…her last kiss she would ever have...the most tender, passionate, long-lasting lip melting kind….right before we reached her car I think I may have put my arm around her hips and just pulled her softly into me…or she tried to shake my hand like our professional date was some how over…it’s a bit hazy…at any rate, we started kissing almost immediately…her lips were immaculate…I kept thinking…slower, gentler…softer…I lingered on her lower lip as long as I could, but we got more and more passionate and she wasn’t stopping…pretty soon I was sliding my hands up and down her warm exquisite tender body…eventually working my way around her bottom and pressing her harder against me…

She suddenly backed away for a moment to say how wrong this was and that she was seeing someone and she can’t do this and how I have to go…yadda yadda…she kept kissing me….I spun her around a couple of times and pinned against the wall beside a storefront along the sidewalk….it got pretty intense….for first kisses, it was off the charts.

Eventually we ended up in her car after some slight negotiations…and no surprise, we went at it even more….harder…softer….until she kept telling me, “You have to go now!” Only to say, “But wait, just once more”…this went on for like an hour….I suggested we just go back to her place at this point…she lived within walking distance…but she insisted there was no way I was going back there…that was not happening….not tonight anyway.

So she’s trying her best to throw me out and out of nowhere proclaims “This is torture!”

I was flattered.  But I understood exactly why she was so tormented by the whole thing.  She now had an unexpected dilemma on her hands. Him or me.

I told her on the contrary I was enjoying myself and could go on making out with her and feeling her up all night long…She had this long sexy silver chain around her neck that rested perfectly between her immacualte breasts…it was so sexy and I put that sucker in my mouth and started kissing her chest and tugging on the chain as I held it in mouth…until she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed me away…and then gave me what I can only say was the wackiest, best compliment anyone’s ever given me.

Thanks for ruining my life! I thought I had everything figured out!

As she dramatically put her hands over face and dipped over the steering wheel…obviously, I had fucked her up shit up…bad…good….she didn’t expect to like me as much as she did now….and she’s still in this "other" relationship…however dysfunctional or unsatisfying that one might be…she didn’t say any of that and didn’t need to…it was all over her face…and on her lips….she’s clearly a little crazy in the head, but what woman isn’t?

Women think they know what they want but really they have no idea what they want or when they want it. That’s their greatest fault and problem. A man knows what he wants instantly. No thinking required. That’s why we are “men of action.” Also, what we want on Monday, we want on Tuesday. Wednesday and the following Monday. We're solid as a rock in the what we want department.

And I never wanted anyone more than Miss Madison.

In some ways her theatrics makes me even more attracted to her cause it means she's got passion…and I'm a passionate guy so I need someone who can match my fire.

So she repeats how I have to get the fuck out…and that she’s got to go.  She finally throws me out of the car and as I’m walking away she rolls down the passenger window and begs, “Wait! Come back. Just one more.”  

This woman truly has no idea what she wants!….so now I lean into kiss her goodbye (again) through the window as I’m standing on the sidewalk, half my body pressed against the car door…the other half inside the car…I tell her how ridiculous this is as she’s got me practically having sex with her door….not fair….so we finally say goodbye and she starts her car…except it won’t start….the battery’s dead…lol.

She gets out and asks me if I got jumper cables.  Of course I do…but I don’t tell her that, cause I know once I jump her…I’m outta’ there…I let her know I got triple-A and maybe we’ll just have to wait for them back at her house.  Kind of dirty pool on my part…but I knew she really wanted me to come back with her anyway…she just needed a little push….It's not that bad what I did is it? Can you blame me for not wanting the greatest night of my life with a woman to end?  Yes. I said it. And I'll repeat it. I felt this was the single best evening I'd ever had with a woman..... be fair...there was another that rivaled it...many years ago in NYC with Amber....and coincidentally...another red head...and another first date. In fact, 3 of my best first dates were all with Red Heads. Huh. Hmmmm.

As we turned and walked back toward my car, parked down the street…to my great surprise and excitement she reached to hold my hand…it was nice…very nice….her hand’s the kind every woman should have…soft, tender, delicate…and sized just right.  Holding the right woman’s hand is not overrated. And certainly not something most men feel comfortable admitting they like doing. But we do...and I did.....that small romantic gesture on her part meant more to me than you could imagine.

Even though I knew from the moment we met we’d have fun with each other if we ever did go out I could never have predicted it would go as well as it had so far…it was so effortless with her…I’m not saying she was easy…I’m saying she made it easy for me to be myself….and she seemed very comfortable with me as well….

In what can only be another in small coincidences she happened to live right next door to my buddy’s old place…He moved out like 2 weeks ago…and if that wasn't enough, this guy was also from Chicago…two people from Chicago on the same block who I both knew and had met independently of the other.

She led me in the back door and right into her bedroom…it was all bed…she made sure I called triple-A right away…she acted like she didn’t want me hanging around too long…yeah right…I knew this game.

Her roommate checked in with us…now the real test…Apparently she already knew about me cause my girl was like this is Scalper Steve…after some small talk my girl surprised me yet again by telling her roomie that she could go back to bed and she was ok….I knew what that meant…

As soon as the girl closed the door we were back at it…like wild animals in heat. She jumped on top of me as we rolled around in her bed…she felt incredible…I could feel the heat flaming between her legs through her jeans. She was that turned on. She straddled me as I sat up on the edge of the bed to pull her closer against me…she pulled her bra down slightly for me to kiss her breasts...they were amazing…and then...

My phone rang…fucking triple A…15-20 minutes and they were already here…unbelievable…when you really need them they take an hour…I don’t know what her intentions were if we had gone any longer, but I couldn’t wait to find out. For now...the party had ended.

We got back to her car and they jumped her and it started right up…so now she’s trying to do a quick goodbye…oh no....I told her I was gonna’ follow her back just to make sure she got home okay…she agreed, but said I wasn’t coming back in…fine…so we get back there and she really wasn’t letting me in…

We kissed some more outside her place until finally I was ready to give up…and just as well…The only thing I was interested in was just being with her…I didn’t want to leave…We could have stayed up the rest of the night and just talked…but she had to get up early for an edit or something…I had to ask her when I could see her again…I didn’t care if it was going to make me look needy or over anxious…I had already waited over 2 months to see her…and I didn’t want to waste anymore days given how well this night went…she said maybe we could meet up Thursday night after a concert she was going to…and that was the end for now.

She actually texted me before I even made it home, thanking me for a great night.

To my surprise, I had no problem going to bed that night…no tossing and turning…no need for a forced release…I was at peace.

A buddy and I often say to each other if we could find a girl who lights up our life as much Bruce does we’d be the happiest guys in the world…at least for one night, I went to bed feeling that I had found my light.

To be continued.....