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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to Relax After Work

I came across this article by Marie Claire writer Sarah Wexler where she talks about various ways to decompress after a long day at the office. 

She's also published a book called Awful First Dates which I'm equally curious to read.  Stress and relaxation are topics we can all relate to. But I was equally interested to see if there was any mention of sex in the article...which, no surprise, there was not.  Maybe it's too obvious a suggestion or not the right forum, but since I'm a man, and all we think about is sex...this becomes the perfect place to discuss it.

What is the single best way to unwind and take your mind off things?

Is it a good workout?  Listening to music? A quick internet browse of mindless topics?....Or is it simply just a quickie?

From a man's POV I can't thing of anything that satisfies like a harmless wild sexual escapade. No disrespect to a Snickers bar. For men, Sex is always option number one. Well...almost always.  A friend of mine who's a Dallas Cowboys freak claims he'll choose watching his Boys over any naked romp. We've even played the "what if" game with it too. Like what if you could sleep with the Playmate of your choice for an evening or watch the Cowboys in the Super Bowl type of scenario.  Men like my buddy are not the kind of men women should be dating. Although I too would probably take any Springsteen concert over a woman....but that's only because, unlike a woman and for that matter, the Dallas Cowboys, Bruce never disappoints.  

So I guess if Bruce or a woman is not readily available, then masturbating is always an option that helps take the edge off.

The following question begs asking...

If given the option of sex would women prefer it at the end of every day over anything else?....

Or are they so burnt they're not in the mood?

I get the feeling sex is the last thing on a woman's mind after work. Why is that?  Especially, if you are one to claim you're as into sex as men are.

A long quiet walk through the park does wonders for the mind, but is it really better than having someone go down on you?