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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Sexed Up Jenny McCarthy on Howard Stern

Jenny McCarthy was on the Howard Stern Show Monday to promote her new NBC dating show, Love in the Wild but it was her raunchy, explicit sex talk that left most guys wondering, "Is she for real?"

Among the claims the ex-Playmate made were...

She loves giving Blow Jobs and took the time to study YouPorn for tips including learning how to choke, gag, deep throat and swallow properly.

For birth control she uses the "Calendar" method, referring to her ovulating cycle which she knows to the minute...and if she still needs to have sex during this period she just makes sure the guy pulls out in time.

She doesn't like condoms because she wants the guy to feel her cum on his balls.

She's a sexual freak because she's a Scorpion...and from Chicago....which just happened to be the same traits she shares with my infamous foot smeller.  I believe her to be truthful here.

She thinks guys lose their desire for sex the older they get, yet she claims to be hornier now than ever. The reason guys lose their sex drive for you is for one of three reasons:

A.  They are having sex with someone else 
B.  They no longer find you attractive
C.  They've thrown in the towel because they are tired of all the bullshit, craziness and game playing

ALL NORMAL MEN want sex...ALL THE matter the age. NO MATTER THE AGE.

And finally, Jenny admitted she's been dating Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher for the last few months who she claims to love and thinks is "a sweet guy."  Brian's about as sweet as a rotten apple. I think fellow Chicagoan turned LA actress Rosa Blasi needs to have a Windy City sitdown with Jenny about the pitfalls of dating a professional athlete. Rosa wrote Jock Itch, a detailed play-by-play of her exclusive and lurid affairs with professional athletes. It's well worth the read. I have a copy if you'd like to borrow it.

Even for this unfiltered gentleman Jenny is a bit over-the-top...whether it's for real or pure shtick to help promote herself and her projects...she comes across as trying very hard to be "liked". Now some guys, especially those on the Stern Show, drooled over her bold declarations and confessions I just can't seem to warm to her. And it's not because she's too "dirty". Not at all. There's something unlady like about her she's acting "one of the guys". I feel fucking her would be like having sex with a guy, but with tits and a vagina. Maybe it's because she doesn't come across feminine enough in how she talks. It reminds me of all the gross-out female humor  that's suddenly in vogue right now, like what was found in the film Bridesmaids. 

Memo to all you ladies:  You can still be very funny...and  at the same time retain your femininity. Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Tina Fey...all funny...none of them gross.

Some guys do love women like Jenny....but many, do not. So, you're not alone if you're not a fan.

BTW. Here's the Video Highlights of Jenny on The Stern Show.