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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jenny McCarthy and Her Claims About Jim Carrey

It's amazing how this is THE topic that is getting all the attention, rather than Jenny's sexual exploits and "calendar" method of birth control. But since it's all over the news I may as well as throw an independent man's two cents in. Something I purposefully avoided in the last entry.

Jenny is upset over Jim not trying to spend time with HER son...after SHE dumped HIM. Not only is she bothered by it, but she admits she has yet to call Jim personally about it! 


Instead of communicating with Jim directly she's had other people try (probably her agent or mutual friend or whoever). So what does she do? She dumps all over Jim on The Howard Stern show yesterday.  Weak.


Her actions have nothing to do with her being famous.  No one wants to make that call but to have others do it for you? That's ridiculous.  It doesn't matter how uncomfortable a phone call to Jim may be, just do it!  Don't text. Don't email. Don't have someone else do your dirty work. Show some courage. And stop playing the victim card.

Maybe all Jenny had to do in the first place was ask Jim herself. It may have been just that simple. That's it.

Many women too often confuse confrontation with communication. There's a difference. Women are perceived to be the better communicators, but the reality is they are the worst.

Men want you to communicate. Not to tell us what to do or how we should do something or accuse us in some fashion of acting childish or whatever....that's confrontation. 

Communication is simply telling us how you feel. I've said over and over we respect you a lot more when you're able to be open and honest with us.

Attacking Jim on the radio is not going to help Jenny's situation. It's only going to piss Jim off even more than he probably already was for being "dumped"...allegedly.

Makes you wonder if the only reason Jenny stayed with Jim for as long as she did was for her son. That may have been great for her son then....but not so great for the son or Jim now.

Not sure what Jenny was trying to accomplish on Stern other than properly representing narcissistic crazy Scorpion bitches looking for sympathy and attention.