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Monday, December 3, 2012

Chris Rock's Differences Between Men & Women

I caught a replay of Chris Rock's stand up special, Kill the Messenger, the other night and while I've seen it before...I forgot how much he talked about the differences between men and women. Yes he's a comedian...and yes he's trying to make us laugh...but he also speaks the truth...the naked truth on how men think...all men. In Rock we trust. Trust me.

However, I must provide a disclaimer. Most, if not all of what you ladies are about to hear, you will not agree with, nor will you be particularly flattered by Rock's commentary. But it is how accurate in how men perceive the differences between us. The truth isn't always pretty...but, it's usually pretty funny.

Among the highlights from his routine...."Dick is free, pussy costs money"......"What do women want? EVERYTHING."...."Woman cannot go back in lifestyle, men cannot go back sexually." 

Take 8 minutes and watch this. If nothing else, you'll have some inappropriate material for a future dinner conversation.
Chris Rock - Differences Between Men & Women