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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rose asks "Why do guys finger bang?"

We do it for the same reason you give us a hand job. Because we know you're not willing to let us implant our penis in your vajayjay....just yet.   So we need to put something in we want to feel how wet you already are...or we're desperately  trying to get you the point where you will eventually ask us to implant our we keep going until you either, A, can't take it anymore and say 'Oh I want you to fuck me'...or something to that effect or, B, Cum.

It's all about setting you up....although men do enjoy the physical feeling of your pussy and the power that comes with turning you on with our finger(s).

Some women are penetration masturbators while others prefer exterior stimulation. One woman's finger banging pain is another woman's pleasure. And so it goes...

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