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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Is In The Air

When you ask someone "What does love mean to you?" no answer is ever the same. Everyone values and looks at love differently. And the reason lies in its nature. Love is undefinable. It's abstract. Inherently it's also a contradiction; it's nearly impossible to accurately describe, yet we know exactly what it is. 

Love is a feeling. The single most powerful feeling in the world.

And this extraordinary feeling knows only one place of origin.

Make no mistake, Love's home is in the heart...not in the head.  

If I ask you what's 2 plus 2 you automatically know it's 4. That knowledge comes from the head. The head answers all questions. That's why the head exists. To ask and to answer. To learn. To explain. So when I ask another question like what loves means to you the head naturally tries to answer it. But it can't. Not this question. The reason you can never fully explain love is because it's impossible to define such a complex emotion; even though, at its core, it's really quite simple.

We just know when we love something or someone. It's in our gut. It's not anything we think about it. Sure we can try to figure out why we love someone or something...not quite understanding it or accepting of it; but the feeling just happens...and most certainly arrives without any pre-planning or pre-determined thought.

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's some simple advice on a hot topic that drives all of us a little nuts.

Try not to out think or over analyze what's in your heart. 

When love is in the air, just breathe.

As with oxygen, the world could use more of it. Not less.

Then's only love right?