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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Men Text Each Other

I texted two different guys tonight about going to dinner and then to see The Avengers

One of them replied wanting to know if we were going to cuddle later or if I could possibly blow him too. But that's not even the funny part. 

The funny part is that both of them ultimately replied with the exact same if they were together when they sent it.  They both texted independently:

"Gotta get up early. Gonna fuck my chick and go to bed."

Wonder how many of you women have sent that kind of text to to your girlfriends.

On another note...a female reader of this blog told me her man won't fuck her because he's religious and doesn't believe in full sex before marriage. I say "full" sex because she claims they do everything else, but. Seems like a strange religion. Wonder if his religious belief allows sexting.