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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fate, Texts & The Smell of a Foot - PART IV

If you have yet to read Fate, Texts & The Smell of a Foot - PART III...
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"Date #2"

Still buzzing from my incredible time with her I woke up earlier than normal…a ‘lil hungover, but still with a beaming smile on my face…I really couldn't believe how well things went with her and of course, couldn't wait to see her again.  I didn't want to play games or waste any more time with her..2 months of trying to get together was enough. I was prepared to be serious. So I asked her about getting together again and she texted back…

You know I can’t wait 2 c u again

I didn't really know!  What the hell do I know except women can change their mind at the drop of a hat.  This had nothing to do with my confidence or insecurity other than what I know about women and that's their on/off switch is peculiar at best, and often, inexplicable. The only certainty from my perspective was that I had to see her again...and soon. Her confirmation was still taken with a grain of salt.

Wednesday passed without incident. I tried not to think about her, but naturally, she was all I thought about.

On Thursday I got another text from her. This time...unsolicited.

I need to c u tonight

Wow. While I've used a variation of that line on a girl once just to convince her to stay with me the night...I never had a woman tell me that.  Not that she needed to convince me of anything at this point.  She seemed sincere in her desire to see me again...which only made me feel even more like the luckiest guy in the world.  

However, she had what appeared to be a soft rule or request...the first of several she would ultimately make.  She definitely liked to be in charge. That was her thing.  She wanted me to promise that I would leave at whatever time we set. Cause again, she had to get up early and insisted on a certain amount of sleep. 

She was headed to Vegas for the weekend to visit an old girl friend who she danced with on a cruise ship back in the day and also had some conference goingon…whatever that meant…I wanted to hear more about that….was she "dancing" in Vegas too?….I didn’t care. I mean, I guess, yeah I cared, but it wasn’t going to stop me from trying to see her.  Besides, I needed to get up too as I was thinking of taking the first flight out to Baltimore to see…another Bruce and the E Street Band show.

She had asked me to come to the concert with her and her girlfriend but I wasn't sure that was the right move.  I had no interest in pissing off the girlfriend and taking her girl away from her...and while I would have loved to have been there with her during the show...I figured I'd control myself and be cool. I'd meet her afterward for a drink.  

Not only did she text me during the day about her need to see me, but she let me know when she got to the concert, when it started...and then again...when it ended. Anyone who says they don't like it when a girl shows too much interest is full of shit.  I found it incredibly charming....and made me like her even more.

By the time she texted me to come meet her it was close to midnight…I was at my place drinking some and watching a Dave Matthews concert I had actually recorded for her...thinking forward to the day  I got her over to my place.  She seemed a bit crazed after the she couldn't find her keys all of a sudden and promised to me she wasn't always "this flakey"....which only meant to me she probably was this crazy and flakey...but whatever...again...I thought it was cute.

At any rate, the original plan was to just meet for a drink somewhere, but she had other ideas. She asked if I remembered where she lived (of course) and then told me to just come over in like 20 minutes….but, I had to promise to leave by 215 (there's that control part again).  No problem….whatever she wanted.  I sarcastically asked her if she thought that would be enough time for her. And she replied….

You know it isn’t

So I said I would promise to leave if she promised not to come back with a ring from Vegas. Deal. I guess I said that to see if she was going with her boyfriend...but she really gave no indication whether she was going solo or not...and I didn't want to ask directly and make an issue of it. I was trying to live in the moment here...doing my best to not fuck it up.  She claimed she doesn’t do rings. Good enough answer.

The only thing I was still unsure of was if I needed to bring a white envelope with something inside to leave behind on her nightstand.

From the time she opened the door till she closed it behind me…I was completely blown away...

Trying to describe what she looked like when I first saw her would not do her justice…all I can say is she looked absolutely stunning standing in the doorway...angelic and exceptionally sexy. She was wearing a little blue thin cotton type teddy mini dress robe that had a soft belt loosely tied around her perfectly curved hips.  I could tell she only had a bra and panties on underneath.  She showed plenty of cleavage and leg…it was phenomenal.  I didn’t want to so much rip it off her…but slowly pull it apart, gently take my time, reveal her exquisite body one small seductive piece at a time…

She greeted me with a warm smile and I immediately went to kiss her....and she wasn't backing away.  The kiss was soft, sensual and timeless.  In truth, I was cool and calm on the outside, but inside...I was bursting....yeah, I couldn’t wait for her to be back in my arms, but first I had to go to the bathroom…I really had to go. So unfortunately, I had to prematurely end the kiss.  

When I came back from the bathroom, she led me onto her bed…

She curled up on her side against her pillows…I wish I had more than just a mental image of it now…I should have insisted on a camera phone pic....a picture that should be hanging on a wall in a fine art museum…she was glowing like a subtle burning fire that had just been lit…so inviting…magnificent…I leaned closer as I lay on my side within inches of her…we talked about her concert and how great it was…I couldn’t take my eyes off her….I leaned in and gave her another short, gentle, tender kiss…as great as our kissing was 2 nights ago…this night was on another level…she really couldn’t wait to see me and it showed…there was more intimacy and less holding back on her part....our hands and lips were all over each other with an unbridled type of passion. 

I've never wanted to kiss someone for as long and as deep as I wanted to kiss her that night.

Only her black bra and white laced panties remained beneath the robe…as I gradually slid my hands inside it to unwrap what lay underneath. Her silky smooth skin felt immaculate…as she straddled atop me the first negotiation of the evening began.

I told her it was time to take the bra off…just like messing around. I actually said, "It's time to take the bra off."

While still sitting atop me...positioned cowgirl esque she laughed and pondered the 90-day rule aloud.

Huh?...90 days? What the fuck is that? OK She's fucking with me.  I told her I never heard of that…and whatever rule she had or didn't have...that bra was coming off. Now. I knew she wanted to take it off...she just didn't want me to know it....that was her game. So I played along and then she just took it off.

However, to reassert her control...she insisted the robe was remaining on…at least partially…ha…

I told her things were coming off me…she said go ahead…take whatever you want off…no negotiation necessary…In fact, she eagerly and quickly removed my pants...shirt...everything.  To her delight and to my comfort I was suddenly full naked.  

We rolled around some more and I told her I wanted to touch and taste every inch of her…and I did…I flipped her over onto her stomach and began kissing her butt cheeks…and rubbing her inner thighs….I climbed on top of her and starting slowly rubbing back and forth against her perfect ass…I worked my way up her back till I reached her neck…I nibbled on her ear and she giggled and said it tickled…she rolled over and locked her legs around my hips…very aggressively.....And this occurred just after she had partially scolded me for being a 'lil too aggressive....ha...more of her control at play.

God I wanted her…and bad.  She climbed back on top of me and I lightly smacked her ass. She wondered aloud, "Why guys like to do that?" Clearly I wasn't the first to bang her butt.  I laughed and said "Because it’s there."…ha ha ha…No, I didn’t say that…I said it was probably because a lot of girls are turned on by it…she was not one of these girls. Or she just didn't like to let herself be dominated.  I was beginning to see a pattern....maybe this is why she's been so sexually frustrated in her previous relationships....

When it comes to sex...sometimes it''s best to just let go....surrender your control.  She has a difficult time letting "it" go.

OK. I could live without smacking her butt. I'd rather squeeze it anyway.  When it comes to fooling around and foreplay I don’t have to do anything in particular to get turned on…I’m permanently on…so the only things I do are for the woman…My only goal was to get her off…be the best lover she's ever had.....whatever it takes…that’s the thing that gets me going…I explored a little more of her and she remarked again about me being kind of aggressive so I slowed it down some...even though as you recall, she was the who had moments earlier forcefully locked her legs around my hips.

We rolled around some more and somehow, she got me flipped onto my stomach. And then she went at it  in the only way it can be described.  She began fucking me in the ass....not literally...more like very aggressively massaging her pussy over my ass…while I could tell it was getting her was doing very little for me.  I hope she wasn’t suggesting some strap-on play…wanting to see how in touch I really was with my feminine side…ha…that right there was never going to happen!

While I was a bit amused by her activity I also was somewhat she carefully...and purposefully touched every part of my body, but my cock.  She even glided her hands between my inner thighs...carefully avoiding my dick....I wanted to call her out on it, but I also didn't want to seem like I was begging for her to touch me....I've taken a girl's hand before and encouraged her in the right direction...but this was a grown ass woman who desperately seeks to control everything in her life....and she was...uhhh...not shy....She knew what she was doing. When I shared the story with a much older girl friend of mine, this friend insisted that my girl was acting incredibly selfish and dubbed her nothing but a tease. She hated her for not grabbing my cock and thought it was completely ridiculous....given the circumstances.  Perhaps.

Then the unthinkable, not that…and not the other unthinkable either…I was managing quite well actually…remarkable really…King of the castle…totally in control….Breathe. Pause. Repeat. A woman has no idea what a guy goes through to not cum.  It's enigmatically uncomfortable and takes a tremendous amount of discipline, awareness and self control.  

The thing that happened was my phone went off…loudly....and she was like "What the hell is that?!" 

It was my 2:15 booty call.  

No...just kidding.

I had set my alarm for 2:15 before I came in because I wanted to show her I was a man who could keep a promise…and I told her that too…She really liked hearing that…I asked if she wanted me to leave....but she wasn't finished with me just yet.  Guess I scored enough points as she was more than willing to go into overtime….I know she hates the sports references…she told me she’s allergic to football…some issues with her Dad…anyway…the robe was half off her shoulders…and 100% open…only her panties remained…

As she lay on top of me I told her not to be upset, but I had brought some friends along…you know to be prepared.....hey...we’re all adults here…she smiled and playfully said, “Do I know these friends? Who are these friends?”...and I was like, “You’ll like ‘em.”  I just wanted to let her know she would not use the “I’m not having sex with you without a condom” card. She smiled again and said she wanted to wait…have something to look forward to…I had no problem with any of that…in fact, I’m glad she wanted to wait…took some pressure off of me. No guy ever thinks they're getting another shot. We get one at bat...either we hit the Homerun or we strike out. No room for anything in between. That's how we think.

She added...and I quote "You're going to have plenty of practice anyway"

That was encouraging…her body was nothing short of breathtaking and her breasts…uhhhhh ….they’re real…and they’re spectacular…ha...I couldn’t resist the Seinfeld reference …She asked me if I could believe they were real because most guys think they’re fake…and I told her they were indeed spectacular. OK she was fishing for some reassurance and an ego if the incredibly large and hard boost between my legs wasn't enough to raise her Id.

The only thing I couldn’t believe was that I was getting as far as I was getting…I say this unequivocally, no woman has ever turned me on as much as her. She told me how much she loved my body…my eyes…my slightly poofed hair atop my forehead as she ran her fingers through it… she loved my laugh….my natural scent…she even smelled, more like ferociously, inhaled under my arm…it drove her wild…that, and the smell/taste of my mouth…I laughed and told her it was a combination of Gentleman Jack & Ginger, along with Wrigley’s Spearmint gum…I don’t think I’ll ever be chewing another kind of gum or drinking anything else around her….she called me “quirky” too….that was a first…like in a Coen brothers film kind of way I’m guessing since she loves their movies…whatever that meant…I’ve been called “interesting”, “wonderful”, “an enigma wrapped in a riddle” and “a tortured soul”…and for the record, that last description came from Henry (a fearless friend who knows all about me).

Of all the things a woman has called me “quirky” might rank as the oddest…even more odd than when I was told “I need 2 see you tonight” or “I want to stay with you tonight” and “I can’t believe how much you turn me on”…neither could I…ha ha ha….but “quirky” may even top my previous personal favorite “I couldn’t wait to get back into bed with you.”

I really wanted to get her off and felt like she was intentionally holding back on me…like she was fighting it the whole time…She didn't want to give me "too" much, which makes no sense to me or any other man, but I’m sure makes all the sense in the world to her and every other women reading this.

I told her I wanted to 69 with her…after the street sign picture I sent her....but always the negotiator in  total control, she countered with a request for me to masturbate onto her stomach.  Yes. That's what she wanted.

Just to be sure, I asked if that’s what she really wanted....She said "Yes" again…and that she wanted to watch me….In retrospect I should have asked her to do the same, but who can think that quickly at a time like this....I'm surprised I was still able to think at all....

And then she told me to come closer and signaled to to climb on top of her....she carefully pushed her breasts together for me to slide my cock between them.....Not such a bad alternative after I fucked her luscious mountain of love...She erotically licked her fingers...and moistened her cleavage...still, she avoided direct contact with my cock…..I came close to pushing it onto her she slowly opened her mouth, while she intently focused on me, but I wanted to be the one to tease her now.....

Despite my cautious approach, I couldn’t wait to be inside her….after a little bit of adolescent titty fucking....and still rock hard....I dropped below to go down on her some more…moving her panties aside slightly...using only my tongue and my teeth.  I loved the way she felt and tasted down there…but she seemed unwilling to totally commit to me being down there.....and I never actually tried to fully remove her panties. 

I gradually rubbed my cock against her pussy over her panties…and I asked her again if this was what she really wanted and if she was ready…she said "Yes..."  Her eyes were completely engrossed and engaged...Mystic I know where that song came from…btw Tom Petty does an incredible version....anyhow, I was ready to blow…a few more self inflicted strokes and I pretty much sprayed all over her like an Olympic Champion… took it quite well…didn’t even flinch…It was quite the man size load. And I was quite proud of myself for that....and from the looks on her face she seemed more than satisfied. 

Mission Accomplished.

She scooped up a tiny bit with her finger and licked it clean...never breaking eye contact with me. That was hot. I was in love.  I tenderly rubbed another spot on her brow and went to kiss her ever so softly…intimately...then passionately harder….we flipped positions, and once again, she’s on top...straddling me…she leaned into kiss me and aggressively massage her body to mine…I lightened the intensity of the moment by asking if she was trying to give it back to me. She laughed...I do love her laugh....and said with the straightest of deliveries grinning at me right in the eye, “Not all of it."

You can’t ask for much more if you can laugh with each other during this time….she was simply incredible….and I was immediately getting hard again….a lightening quick bounce back…that’s how much she turned me on…I'll never be as turned on by another's just not possible.

I wanted to be everything to her. And I wanted to do everything with her. Photograph her. Paint her. Travel with her.  And of course...make love to her.

At least for now she apparently got everything she wanted and thought we should now begin the long goodbye…acknowledging that it would still  take a little while to get me outta’ there…and that I should get dressed…

Then she said, “You’re good, you had an orgasm.” I couldn’t believe she said it like she was doing me a favor…I don’t know if she was trying to have me cum because she really wanted me to or she just wanted to get me the hell out of there….I could have give a rat’s ass about cumming….maybe she’s never been with a guy who cared more about her pleasure than his own, but I wanted her to cum…she went to the bathroom, so I started...slowly putting my clothes back on.

When she came back....she grabbed my Hoodie before I could put it on and rubbed it against her face, deeply inhaling its smell. Damn. If that’s not being into me, I’ll never know what is.

She finally gave it back to me and I put it on. Now upright...standing face-to-face alongside her bed we started kissing again…There was only about a foot or so between her dresser and the edge of the bed.  We held each other as one...I tightly wrapped my arms around her and pressed her hard against the dresser…

Like my cum had lifted a weight off her shoulders she began responding even more than before…and so was I…

With the intensity and the heat building again, she suddenly pulled back, and repeated I had to go…that we should stop…I sat down for a second on the bed to catch my breath only to watch as she ripped her panties off and threw them to the ground right in front of me at the edge of the bed.  WTF?!…OK…I’m leaving…Yeah right…Now it was really on...I dove across her bed as she  had made her way around to the front …just standing there...asking me to go....while I was still on the bed...I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer as she stood over my mouth and I started kissing her again around her stomach...and then lower….I pulled myself to the edge of the bed and lifted her up off the ground…I stood up and pulled her into me…but once again she backed away and said…

“Steven.  Seriously, you got to get the fuck out.  I gotta’ get to sleep.”

She said my name with such strength and conviction. It was actually endearing...and a bit of a turn on. Up until this point she had only called me "Steve" or "Scalper Steve". But now she was serious....I was "Steven.".  The only two people who call me "Steven" are my Mother and chicks who get angry with And no...I'm not turned on when my Mother calls me "Steven." C'mon....I may be a bit of a freak....but not that kind of freak.

So, regrettably...and now feeling slightly defeated....and rejected, I quietly pulled my hood over my head and put my hands in my pocket…

Well…wouldn't you know it?  That did "it" for her…She lept into my arms harder than ever and said I looked "so hot and sexy in the hood"…Yeah…I was fucking hot! I was burning up and needed to get my clothes off again…I went to sit down now on the side edge of the bed as she climbed aboard yet again and straddled me…

I firmly held her up with one hand snuggly around her ass and the other hand began working her hydrated pussy…(that means wet!)....All the while she’s shoving her tongue down my throat…and suddenly, she’s becoming a lot more vocal…Up to this point she had been fairly quiet...calm...almost zen like....but not anymore....she finally unleashed herself from her cage.

I slid another finger inside her…and then another…she was so wet…she felt amazing…and I told her so…now she’s moaning and saying things back to me…I press deeper and she’s wildly out of control…I wanted to tell her how much I wanted all of me to be inside her....but I was waiting for her to tell me. She should have been unzipping me...ordering me to fuck her. That's how it goes down.  But I held back....and so did she.

Just as she appears to be ready to climax....she suddenly backs off and says she can’t…She actually removes herself from my lap.  I could not believe it.  Other than Larry David who stops a mid-pump wack off?  Apparently Miss Madison does.

She says she can't with the roommate right next door…She continues, "I'm a screamer."  Great. Scream away. I’m like, “You’re holding back?”…she finally admits she was…I tell her to forget about the roommate…she’s not going to care…and I don’t want her to hold back at all…what I really want is to make her scream louder than she’s ever screamed before….nevertheless, she manages to shut herself down.  

Something tells me it had to do with more than just the girl next door.  Like a certain boyfriend she's still pathetically clinging to.  Either he's never given her an orgasm or she didn't want to have one with me because then she'd be totally fucked up about what to do with herself. was mind blowing to see it unfold as it did.  I couldn’t believe it…just like that…Over. Thanks for playing. The game was called in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and the bases loaded for no distinguishable reason. I was literally left at the plate with my dick in my hand.  It was quite remarkable…the  whole evening really.

So she backs off of me, but I can’t get up…I’m a little shaky….shit…no I didn’t cum…I just needed a second or two to gather myself…She laughed off how hard I was working…yeah…holding her up with one arm, fingering her with the other while barely sitting on the edge of the bed…and fully clothed in a full Hoodie top, sweating my ass off….yeah…I’d say there was some effort going on…

From there we eventually said our goodbyes…although, I did make her bring me a glass of water before I walked out…she thought I was stalling…but really, I was just thirsty....slightly annoyed....worked up...and exhausted.

Explicit documentation of this night was necessary in part due to the incoming text I will be receiving in the days ahead from her…cause someone is bound to say, “Oh I guess she wasn’t that into you. Dude, there is no way it went down like that.”… did go down EXACTLY as I vividly just described it.  

I didn’t get home until close to four…starving…I ate and drank some water…went on-line and checked flights to Baltimore...I was still thinking of flying later that morning to see the real love of my life...theone who never disappoints.  That would be Bruce.  I still wanted to go and felt I had the energy right now, but also knew I was running on adrenaline and by the time I took the cross country flight and landed in Baltimore later that day I’d be running on fumes…so I blew it off…I blew off Bruce…in a sense, because of a woman…but I was happy I did…anyone who can make me miss an E Street Band show has to be someone extraordinarily special…I finally hit the pillow a little after five….I decided instead to fly  a day later, on Saturday...and just head to Buffalo for the final show of the Tour. So I'd only see the last show...and not the last two. Sacrifices.

I thought I'd sleep for like 12 hours but I woke up only a few hours later…still hard for her…and I texted her so…I told her I hoped she got enough sleep and to have a great weekend in Vegas.  She said she didn’t get enough, but it was worth it and to have a great weekend too. 

I must admit I thought long and hard about flying in to Vegas that night to surprise her...just to see her reaction. I came real close to doing it too. I wanted so bad to be able to wake up next to her beautiful smiling face...I could watch her fall asleep and sleep...that's how into her I was....and I wanted to be there when she first opened her be the first thing she saw.

Instead,  I asked her to come to Buffalo with me....stupid right? Of course it was....but when you're crazy about someone you do some silly shit. I would have paid for the whole last minute trip.  She said she couldn't because her plans were set and her friend was expecting her and that we'd get together on Monday. 

OK...I could wait...sure, what the hell...besides, what could happen to her over one weekend in Vegas?

To be continued.....

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