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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blue Balls, Shrinkage and Morning Wood

Much like what Seinfeld did for "Shrinkage" I hope to do for "Blue Balls."  So I ask, do women know about "Blue Balls?"

Blue Balls is not a is real. It refers to the discomfort men get from getting a repeated hard-on without being to cum.  While our balls do not literally turn "blue" and the discomfort can be anywhere from mild to extreme, as if we just got punched down there, it mostly affects teenage and early 20-something men. The "repeated" hard-on is one that goes up and down as a result multiple stops and starts....without finishing. We've all been there...and felt it.

I once had it so bad I literally had trouble catching my breath and could not sit still. The worst part is there is no real cure for it. You can apply ice or take a cold shower, but ultimately all you need is time to recover and be pain free.  By the time blue balls sets in, the option to cum for relief is almost too's weird. Luckily, we eventually grow out of this unfortunate biological issue.

So why I am sharing this piece of male insight? I'm just making women aware of how sexually driven and misfit we are...I'm not saying you should always "take care of us" so we don't get blue balls because, in the end, you should only do what makes you comfortable. You have the knowledge now, so use it as you see fit.

One thing that still happens on occasion to some men of any age after he cums is a post blue balls effect. Sometimes our balls ache even after we cum. I read in a medical article that this is not that uncommon. And if you ache you probably can't get hard again until the ache goes away.  Again, there's no real solution other than time.

On a related topic to Blue Balls is our good morning hard-ons. All normal men wake up with a hard-on...and it doesn't seem to matter whether we wake up in the middle of the night or when the alarm goes off...we have one. But curiously, Morning Wood does not lead to Blue Balls....which makes me think we must be hard the entire time we're comfortably sleeping...not going up and down through the night....which also means sex is always on a man's mind. ALWAYS....just in case you ladies need reminding.

And here's the Seinfeld "shrinkage" scene for all you Seinfeld fans.