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Friday, December 30, 2011

Make Up, Hair and other Artificial Additives

Less is More.

We prefer your natural beauty. And what you'll look like when we wake up next to you.

Bold Red Lipstick. Got to go. Your lips should always entice us to want to kiss you. Not turn away. Let Hollywood play up the Big Red. I've never heard a man talk about how he can't wait to taste all that thick rich red. 

The jury is split on fake breasts. About half of us like 'em. The other half don't. The ones who don't will complain how fake ones feel or argue there's something negative about a woman's personality and insecurities. Others just go with the notion, if they feel and look good who cares if they're real or not. It's really a toss-up here.

Coloring your Hair? Most men like the one God chose for you. And that's cause we you tend to look better with your natural color....there's a reason why your hair is the color that it is. It goes best with your eyes, skin tone, etc.  Now I know it's fun for women to change it up or whatever. And while it plays well with girlfriends or in photos we'd prefer the carpet to match the drapes.

Short or long Hair?  Our grandmothers keep their hair short....if that helps.

Fake eye lashes?  No man likes. To us, the lashes just look cheap and strange, not sexy and glamorous.  More hookerish. Yes, Kim Kardashian, you're fake lashes make you look like a hooker. Albeit a high priced one.

Hair extensions. While you're focused on how your hair "looks" are focused on how it feels when we run our hands through it while we're kissing/holding/fucking you. That's the real reason why beautiful hair matters to's a turn on to hold, touch and yes, pull your hair. There's nothing worse then holding the back of your girl's head and feeling those sewn in extensions....and that's coming from personal experience.  Have you ever seen Chris Rock's documentary, "Good Hair"? He has black men talking about the reason they like white women so much is cause white women will let you play with their hair whereas a black woman won't cause she's got that expensive weave or extensions. So to all the white women out there. Be true to your hair.

Hair. Keep it real.