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Thursday, December 1, 2011

How do I know if he really likes me?

This a common question asked by women all the time. And like most things when it comes to men the answer is simple.

And before I reveal the like "test" here's something surprising.  "Like" has nothing to do with "how long" a guy is willing to wait to have sex with you. Just because a guy waits an extra amount of time to sleep with you could mean he really likes you or could just mean he's fucking someone else or perhaps, he's got no one else. Even though you think sex is all we care about when it comes to "liking" you, sex actually has very little to do with how we feel about you.

Here's the answer.  If he asks you to do something that he knows you, and you alone enjoy, then he likes you.  Or better yet, you should ask him do something with you he'd never willingly do alone. If he accepts with pleasure and an enthusiastic smile on his face then you know he likes you. When I think about the women I've liked a lot I know there's nothing they could ask me to do that I wouldn't do just so I could be with them.

Also...if he's eager for you to meet his buddies or a family member...he likes you. Often guys hold back on doing this because because they're scared you'll think they're moving too fast too soon so they wait to unveil you....this has nothing to do with their "like" for you...just with how much of a pussy they are or are not. Just because he hasn't brought you around yet doesn't mean he's not into you.  However, anyone who offers to do so sooner rather than later...there's no doubt he likes you.

Here's one other sure fire check mark.  If he asks you to a Bruce Springsteen concert (well that would be for me) or shares a favorite song or lyric with you, he likes you. The Boss may not be everyone's cup of tea, but every man identifies with his lyrics about pursuing women, chasing love and following dreams. 

And a mix tape? Never too old to receive one of those. Double Check. He really likes you. A lot. 

Here's a few favorite Bruce songs that says it all about a man who likes a woman.

Drive All Night:
 "I swear I'll drive all night just to buy you some shoes
And to taste your tender charms"

Thunder Road:
"All the redemption I can offer, girl
Is beneath this dirty hood
With a chance to make it good somehow
Hey what else can we do now
Except roll down the window
And let the wind blow back your hair
Well the night's busting open
These two lanes will take us anywhere
We got one last chance to make it real
To trade in these wings on some wheels
Climb in back
Heaven's waiting on down the tracks
Oh oh come take my hand
Riding out tonight to case the promised land
Oh oh Thunder Road, oh Thunder Road
oh Thunder Road"

I'll Work for Your Love:
"What others may want want for free, I'll work for your love."

"And when we kissed.....Fire."

Now, if only it would be so easy to figure out when a woman likes us.  George from Seinfeld had a great line about "she doesn't like me"....I couldn't find that clip but here's one that showcases another male anxiety from the "like" department.  This one's about "hand".

"uhhhh....what's the point."

It's been my experience that a woman can "need" to see you one day and the next day she wants nothing to do with you. One thing's for certain about a guy.  When he likes a girl he will always like her. A guy never loses his feelings for a woman he likes. He can be mad, angry, frustrated and disappointed with her...but, once she gets in his heart...she'll never leave. And that's just how we're wired. Our heart hath no term limits.