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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Being "Too Busy"

This expression is tossed around quite a bit in the real world. We're all busy...well....most of us anyway. My schedule's pretty free. At any rate, when it comes to dating, woman need to understand that no man is ever "too busy" for a piece of pussy....especially, if he's in love with it.

Being "too busy" is the oldest excuse in the book. While both men and women use it all the time, I've never known a guy who wouldn't make the time to see a woman he likes. In fact, he'll do everything and anything to make the necessary time for her. No schedule is too full to indulge in a slice of his favorite pie.

On the other hand, I've known plenty of women who treat a man they're "seeing" as someone they need to squeeze into their day planner.  No man wishes to feel like they're a line item appointment in her "busy"day book....unless they're penciled in for a "Nooner."  That was a joke....maybe.

Busy is a state of mind. Not a state of being.  How can you be "too busy" to smile? Or to laugh? Or to feel "good?" ....all of which can be delivered from seeing someone else.  The answer is you're not. Unless of course you're a narcissist, then you're able to receive all of those pleasantries from yourself. You alone is all you need to be happy, right?  Which then begs the following question, Are people who are too busy to see you, in fact, narcissists?

Well...not necessarily...they may just not like all. You may make them feel lousy, so why would they want to see you?  At least when it comes to men, any man who's "too busy" to meet you definitely does not think too much of you.

I've often wondered how "busy" women date at all. They seem so wrapped up in their world and their issues how could they possibly share themselves with someone else? Perhaps focus is a better descriptor. Woman have the innate ability to hyper focus on whatever task or project is at hand and not allow any distraction by way of a man to interfere. On the other hand, men are so distracted by women...that everything else takes a distant back seat. Take for instance George and Jerry.

Men are incredibly focused on all times....especially when it comes to cleavage in the area. Whereas, the perception most men maintain is that woman spend a considerable amount of time focusing on themselves, completely ambivalent and unaware to any man within their narrow line of sight. 

In a metaphysical enlightened sense, women are the object of all our desires. And no one's ever too busy for a little enlightenment.