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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Katherine Webb

For those of you who don't know who "Katherine Webb" is she's the reigning Miss Alabama who rose to national prominence after TV announcer Brent Musberger gushed over her during the BCS National Championship Football game on ESPN between Alabama and Notre Dame. And with all due respect to the 73 yr old Musberger, "gushed" is putting it mildly.

Katherine also happens to be the current girl friend of Alabama QB AJ McCarron, which is how she ended up on TV to begin with. Here's a shot of her from the game...more than likely cheering for her "man."

The reason I bring her up is not to prove the point that a beautiful woman can so easily and quickly raise the interest of men everywhere...some 271,000 plus instant twitter followers can attest to that...but rather to make another curious observation.

Despite her new found fame and media frenzy that now surrounds her...Sports Illustrated even asked her, at the last minute, to appear in their annual upcoming Swimsuit issue and Inside Edition hired to be a correspondent during Super Bowl week....she publicly remains committed to her relationship with AJ. Although they've only been dating a month and actually met on Twitter, she's claimed in numerous interviews that her relationship is priority number one and she will not do anything to jeopardize it. This declaration comes after AJ has publicly stated he's not thrilled with his girlfriend's attention and new found celebrity status. You see...according to Katherine, AJ prefers to stay at home and curl up on the couch...which is just fine with her. 

So my point....

I am shocked to hear a modern woman stand by her man with such loyalty and conviction, especially if it means sacrificing her own career. She's shouting to anyone who will listen that, for her, love comes first in her life. I've never heard a woman of today (as in a woman not of my Mother's generation) say love matters above all else. It's remarkable and refreshing.

Now, the cynic in me sees mucho trouble on the horizon for the infamous couple. Forget the fact that Katherine is actually an Auburn about the outward cries of jealousy and strong arm control exhibited by AJ toward his girl and her pursuits? Seems all too typical for an elite, spoiled and coddled athlete such as himself. Just ask Miss Rosa Blasi about dating professional and semi-pro athletes...or just read her book, Jock Itch: The Misadventures of a Retired Jersey Chaser

If we're to take Miss Webb at her word, my question is, how could she possibly want to be with someone who isn't 100% supportive and happy for her professional success? An elite level athlete like AJ needs and expects the focus to always be on him. The irony is that AJ's the only reason she's got 271,000 new followers, and despite the fact that he "made her", no one cares about him anymore!

Good luck Katherine. Hope it works out for you....just when it doesn't, don't expect any sympathy from this guy....or any guy for that matter.