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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Your Mind, Free Your Puswah

I got into a rather heated discussion with a married female friend of mine about the difficulty of a female orgasm. It's OK. We have that kind of platonic relationship where we can discuss such things.

Our candid conversation (you don't think I have any other kind?) specifically centered around "faking it."  With all due respect to Elaine Benes and Meg Ryan, men neither appreciate the theatrics, nor want a woman to misrepresent.  As a valuable rule of thumb moving forward ladies, if you're willing to get naked with us, then you need to be just as willing to get real with us.

When it comes to performance, men always want the truth. Always. If you tell us we're not getting the job done, more than likely, if we care about you at all, we're going to want to know. We want to please you and complete the mission. After all, we want a second...and third helping. 

Every woman requires a different operating manual. Like Jerry McGuire said. Help me, help you!  Tell me what you need from me, what we need to do, what we don't need to do. Men are fixers and problem solvers. More than anything in this world, we want to be counted on to get the job done. Trust that.

My friend said part of the reason for her lack of honesty at times was because she never wanted to see the person again. Come again? Why would you get naked in the first place if you had no intention of seeing him again? And if the only reason you don't want to see him again is because he sucked...well then there must have been enough good things about him to get you into this position in the first place...which begs the question. Why wouldn't you want to guide him to the finish line?  I guarantee you all men who get naked intend to finish.  Unless of course, he's just so so beyond help, there's no training the poor boy.  Just know that practice makes perfect...for the most part, great lovers are made, not born. 

But I digress. Back to the faking it part. Yes. We have fragile egos. Yes. We are way more sensitive than you ever imagined us to be. However, and I cannot stress this enough....if you think we just flat out suck...tell us! And please tell us why. We'll never get any better if we don't know what we're doing wrong!

Now...we also understand there's another possible reason for you to fake it. And this one's going to sting a bit, so I'll just come out and say it as simply as I can.

It's not us. It's YOU.

Most men can cum at the drop of the first nipple. Women...not so much. You people are like trying to put together an all night jigsaw puzzle. Time, patience, attention to telling how long we could be here until you finish. 

One thing my friend unequivocally agreed upon was she needed to be relaxed to orgasm. Hallelujah! We got something to go with.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to just relax...not only in your private area...but in you're mind. Mostly your mind. Even the woman who shredded my heart and aborted her pending orgasm with me admitted that a female orgasm takes an emotional trigger. It's kind of amusing to me how women everywhere can't wait to have an natural orgasm, and this particular one chose to completely shut herself down in my presence for reasons that will continue to remain unclear...aside from the fact...her orgasm may have been "cheating" to her. Nevertheless, that's her fucked up problem.....Back to you and your issues.

Free your mind. Free your Puswah. really can be that easy. 

In other words. Stop sabotaging your orgasm! Don't believe me? Let's ask Dr. Ruth.

CONTROL is not your friend when you want to cum. Let yourself go. Stop trying to control everything. The very nature of an orgasm is losing control! Why do you think men try so hard not to cum?! We're doing everything in our power to try to control ourselves in the face of your breathtaking beauty. 

I know you're still not convinced. It's more complicated than that, right? Everything is complicated with women.  Maybe we should leave the male species on this one and ask one of your own. 

Dr. Ruth please enlighten these ladies once more. *But only pay attention to the first part. I disagree with the 2nd part. If you need an "outside" force to get you aroused then you're with the wrong guy.

After you open your va-jayjay, open your mind....and, if need be, your mouth...and  your orgasm will follow.  Free your Puswah today!
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