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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Being Romantic

One of the most common complaints from women is a lack of romance from their man or from men in general.  One day out of the year...Valentine's forced upon us to be just that. But doing something on Cupid's derived holiday does not make you a romantic. Maybe it's just the Libra in me, and the fact I love Bruce Springsteen so much, but I'm one of those guys, like Bruce, that carries "romantic thoughts in my head" every day.

Being romantic means always thinking of what you can do for your girl...or a girl who you want to be your girl...that will make her smile. Whether it's sending a simple text that says "I'm thinking of you" or driving all night just to buy her some shoes, when it comes to romantics, it is truly the thoughts that count. 

Like walking out of your way to a certain street corner in New York City just to take a picture of the street sign which happens to bear her last name.

Like waiting on her doorstep just because you had to see her.

Like flying in, out of the blue, just to surprise her....even if it was on Valentine's Day.

Like flying 1500 miles out of the way just to take her to lunch, to a museum and for a walk in the park.

Like writing a poem about her that may end up being more Dr. Seuss than William Blake.

Like not going to the Grammy's without her, even though you had VIP and she did not, and Bruce Springsteen was opening the show! was I thinking?!

Like grabbing her hand and pulling her with you as you rush to the front of the stage for Bruuuuce....not leaving her behind to get there a friend of mine inexplicably did last week. He romantic...not.

Like staying up all night to watch her sleep because you didn't want to miss her waking up.

Like doing something, anything...just because she wants to.

Like taking her photo.

Like making a mix tape (CD).

Like holding her hand.

Like posting your favorite song on her this one. 

Like liking what's next with her.

Like not wanting the night to end.

Like thinking of her....always.

Like if you're in love....even if he/she doesn't know it yet, or doesn't even care....Happy Valentine's Day.