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Monday, February 11, 2013

Howard Stern and his Snow Angel

OK. I know what you all are thinking before you even started thinking it. Howard Stern and Snow Angel don't exactly go together. Or if they do, then it must be something sick and perverted. Yes. They very much do go together and No, it's not perverted. In fact, it's probably one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.

In recent years Howard's taken up photography as a hobby. And naturally, his most photographed subject has been his model wife, Beth. Here's their latest heavenly winter wonderland collection with video.
What makes this set of pictures so exquisite and striking isn't just because the composition and subject are so  appealing; rather, something else is going on behind the lens.

Beth is Howard's inspiration. His muse, his joy, his passion...and his lover. These pictures. This hobby. This is the extraordinary affect a good woman can have on a man. You make us want to take your picture. To paint you. To sculpt touch hold write about breathe in your presence and bask in your light.

Any man who's ever been in love knows exactly what I'm talking about. And while there may be some women out there who share a similar sentiment, I've never heard of one.  Women just don't look at men as someone who inspires them or takes their breath away in a non-lustful manner. I can't offer any explanation  as to why a woman takes such an intoxicating hold of our conscious and devoted thoughts. All I know is she can. Women possess an existential magical power over a man's psyche.

You can vividly see it in the photographs how Howard clearly feels about he looks at her...and into her. Every man desires a woman to look at in that way. And even more important, we want a woman who wants us, alone, looking at her in that way. And that is a true snow angel.