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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 5 Most Popular "Naked Truth" Blog Entries

I decided to do some recycling and revisit my five most popular entries since I began operating this site in 2011. By "popular", I simply looked at the number of page views generated, which means either the title proved to be a subject of extreme interest or just showed up more on internet search engines. For each one, I've provided some thoughts and reactions.  So, out of 85 total entries, here are the top 5. Perhaps though, I should have saved this for my 100th post...oh well....I guess I'm now taking suggestions for my 100th post.

5.  A Man's Want v A Man's Need for Sex - 325 views
It doesn't surprise me that a sexual entry is in the top 5. After all, we're (I'm) constantly reminding you ladies how much men think about sex. And naturally, women must wonder what's the reason, if there is even a reason, beyond just us being animals and filthy, disgusting pigs.  

4.  Blue Balls, Shrinkage and Morning Wood - 387 views
Again with the Balls...and Sex....Apparently, you Ladies are far more interested in sex than you've led us to believe.Oh, you naughty little girls. Yet, you're still never going to want it or need it like we do...but it's encouraging to know you're, at least, interested in reading about it.

3.  How a Man's Broken Heart Affects Him - 482 views
So you are more than just about sex after all? Wow. Or more likely, this topic strikes you as so far fetched, you just had to check it out. What? Men suffer from broken hearts? Can't be. be plenty.

2.  Stop Rewarding Men Who Play it Cool - 715 views
I am most shocked by the number of views this one generated.  It makes me think that women realize they  do, in fact reward men with bad behavior, or reward those who act disinterested and perhaps, want to do something about it. David Spade was just on Howard Stern this week talking about this very topic. He's bedded an unbelievable number of Hollywood starlets from Heather Locklear to Julie Bowen and too many Playmates in between. He says he learned at an early age "once you show your cards to a woman" she's done with you. He argues you can't be crazy about a woman because it turns them off. For whatever reason, women cannot handle extreme affection or adulation. Either they don't believe they deserve it or they feel it puts too much pressure on them,...the kind of pressure they can't handle. Sadly, too many women are more comfortable complaining about the attention they don't get, then enjoying the attention they do receive. 

1.  A Sexed up Jenny McCarthy on Howard Stern - 2321 views
This entry by far and away proves the power of Google and the "keyword". It's almost unfair to count this in my top 5...but then is unfair...and love is, it stays.

As always, your comments and questions are greatly appreciated. 
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