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Monday, February 25, 2013

'We Saw Your Boobs' and Kristen Stewart Likes Licking Armpits

I think it would be more than appropriate for me to comment on Seth MacFarlane's Oscar song parody 'We Saw Your Boobs", so here goes. That song and Seth proved once again how grown men will always think like juvenile little boys when it comes to women and their anatomy. We love boobies. And for the actresses who choose to share their sweet mounds of luscious mayhem for all the world to see you, we salute you, brave, free spirited feminists. Let it all hang it out. Be proud. Be bold. Be bare.

Now speaking of actresses, I'd like to recognize Kristen Stewart for a moment. Not for her odd Oscar Night appearance, but more recently for an on-line article that mentioned how the young, not so innocent, housebreaking mistress of an actress enjoys licking a man's armpit. I know you want some proof, so here's the article.

As a man, I find this particular desire both bizarrely alarming and erotic. Liking a man's natural scent is a common occurrence;  however, taking it to the next level, such as armpit licking, is what separates the freaks from the submissive milk and cookies girls pretending to be "good".

The first and only time a woman inhaled my armpit, like it was the last, greatest smell on earth left me at a loss for words...and blood....I was even more aroused than I thought I could ever be. To a man, there's no better compliment than ingesting us with a wild animal-ism normally associated with, well....wild animals.

Bravo Kristen Stewart for letting your freak flag fly. So ladies, don't be shy. Follow Miss Stewart's lead on this one. Smell, taste, inhale and ingest your man 'till your heart's content. We won't mind one bit.

And don't forget to throw in a little side boob action just for fun.