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Friday, March 1, 2013

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Photographer Murad Osmann has a released a series of striking photographs with his girlfriend from around the world. They're all identically shot from his point of view of her leading him.

My first thought was "Damn...that dude's got some hairy arms." OK, maybe that was my second thought. Back in the day, a sexy picture of a pretty woman from behind like the one above might have sent me straight into a self indulged lust fest, requiring a completion of tawdry proportions.  However, my strong willed mind of today leaves me comfortably relaxed, free and clear to intellectually evaluate what's really going on these images.

The guy is allowing the woman to be in charge. While some woman seek submission, most enjoy the pleasures of taking control, to a point. Not only in terms of where they may go next, but...well...quite frankly...the terms, as in, how they're going to get there. Men know this...and since we're ALWAYS working to turn you on, because God only knows what does....we'll do just about anything that brings sex to the forefront of your mind. All women have a personal point where they're willing to give up their control when it comes to foreplay and sex...and turn it over to the man. And it's usually up to the man to find it.

Now, with a body like that, I can totally understand why this guy wishes to photograph his lady in such a....forward position. She's not only the object of his desire, but I'm sure of many others.  When a guy likes a girl he wants to capture her in all means possible. Whether to photograph her, write about her, paint her....anything that showcases her in his light is something we desire. It's always struck me as strange that women do not garner the same reaction to men....Are we any less desirable? Or do women not see us as in an art form?  You never see women taking photos of their boyfriends or other men.  The real question here is: How willing of a subject was she?

According to the article...the project came about because the guy was stopping too frequently to snap photos and his girl reached to grab his hand to "keep going". When he snapped a couple of pictures of her pulling him away, he decided to keep up with the idea of photographing intentionally. And I'm also certain it took some convincing on his part to get her to turn into a willing participation. No women says Yes to anything with any ease.  Most ideas we men have that involve women tend to be frowned up as either "silly" or "juvenile".  No matter how old, or how mature we may appear, we are all little boys at heart.

So, yes, this is partly a photographic accident that became a collection of photographic art...but mostly, it's a playful game of sexual desires and conquests. At least that's how the average man will see it. I do wonder what the ladies think?