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Monday, March 4, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #3 Sloth's as ugly as it sounds. It's often defined as physical and spiritual laziness. Not doing the things one should do. To take it even further, ignoring or failing to uses one's talents or gifts. Being a virtually waste.

First the physical. No excuse not to exercise or go to the gym or take an aerobics class. Whatever. If you put on weight easily, watch what you eat. Work out! Not doing either is just pure laziness. Show some discipline and self-respect.

Now the spiritual. Recognize and appreciate your purpose or your personal strengths. Not to be crude, but if you give amazing blow jobs...then don't be shy with sharing that talent with the world. But more than any sexual proficiency you may possess, work on your moral fiber. 

No more delaying what you know is right or what you should be doing with your life. I don't care how hard it may be for you or what you think others might say, just do it already! Women are so focused on the concept of time and timing, sometimes they lose sight of what they actually could be doing with their time. Your time is too valuable to be "waiting" or making excuses. Once you've figured out what you want (sadly, many women never do) fucking go after it!  Enough with being a Sloth.

The heavenly virtue to counter Sloth is Diligence. 

Be diligent with your life. It's a virtue of hard work and the goodness that goes with it. Don't wait on others. Be proactive. Be productive. Work to improve yourself like it matters. Not giving a shit about something or someone is just a lazy, sloth like cop out. You should work harder to care more. Even if you can't make a difference in your life, you may just cause a positive change in someone else's.