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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #2 Gluttony

In my continuing look at the 7 Deadly Sins, next up is Gluttony. To gulp down, over indulge, over consume.  You might say when it comes to sex all men are gluttonous. Ha. However, gluttony can further be interpreted as selfishness...which is one of many favorite topics to discuss when it comes to men and women.

One of the single worst attributes a person can have is selfishness. All this talk about self improvement and focusing on your needs makes the world great for you...because you've now made it revolve around you.  It's all about you. Go ahead focus on yourself.  See what happens to the love you attract...and give.  When it comes to relationships, if you put your needs ahead of your partners you will never experience true love. The nature of love is the absence of selfishness. It's also a "golden rule". Do unto others...

The corresponding Virtue is Temperance. Restraint, Justice, Mindful of others. In other words, it's a proper moderation between self-interest and the surrounding public's. Always be aware of how your actions and thoughts affect others. That is the key to a more peaceful, harmonious and loving world. 

Don't just be in it for your personal satisfaction or gratification. The world you live in is not only about you. In fact, it's probably least of all about YOU. Make more time for others. Not less. If someone calls or messages you, answer them. Respect yourself by respecting others first. Stop being so "gluttonous". It's deadly.