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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins - #4 Greed

Ah yes, Greed.  Michael Douglas as the great Gordon Gecko made it infamous with his "Wall Street" movie speech, proclaiming it "good", for lack of a better word. Like "lust" and "gluttony" greed is also a sin of excess,  most commonly referring to the excessive pursuit of material possessions. Although, it can also mean in more general terms, pursuing or acquiring more than one needs.

So how exactly does greed invoke itself into dating? Like any other pursuit...not being satisfied or content with what you have. Always looking for what we men call women out for: the "BBD"....the Bigger Better Deal. Because we seldom find women to know what they want, we believe their eyes to always be on the hunt for the next best thing. Now, I understand how women too think this way about a man's wandering eye. So, let me put it another way.

When men pursue and engage women we basically look for two very simple things. Are we attracted to you? And when we see you, or think of you, do you make us smile? That's it. If the answer is a solid "yes" to both those questions, we're content...and satisfied. We don't need anymore. For to need, and expect more, would be....for lack of a better word...greedy. While our simplicity at times is mocked for being underdeveloped or neanderthal like, it should be more celebrated and appreciated. Greed may be good in capitalistic endeavors; but when it comes to matters of the heart, it's pure evil.

With women it all starts with your "lists".  My best advice is to shorten them, immediately.  As you get older you realize what use to seem so important and a "deal breaker" doesn't nearly matter so much. You will never find happiness with a man if you can't be happy with the simplest traits so prolific in us men.

The heavenly virtue associated with Greed is Charity. Not in the sense of financial giving, but the benevolent giving of kindness and love to others. The less you demand...and need...the more you're able to offer and in turn, accept. This kind of love resides in your will, not in your emotions. Love thy neighbor just as you might love God. If you can be this virtuous, then whatever someone can give you will always be enough. Appreciate what you have...and not what you don't. "More" will cease to exist and thus, you will find yourself further down the path to happiness.