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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Muse

At some point in every man's life a woman inspires him. A woman who lights his fire, strokes his creative forces and burns deep within his soul. While the relationship can turn physical, the foundation is always built from the mind forward. For better or worse, this woman engulfs and transforms his thoughts. This woman becomes his Muse. 

Picasso had Dora Maar. Andy Warhol had Edie Sedgwick, who also mused several rockers. Albert Brooks looked to Sharon Stone to be his in the movie, The Muse.  In recent TV, Californication's Hank Moody has his in true love Karen. Bridgitte Bardot inspired many a man in Film, TV and the Arts.

Women affect men in ways far greater ways than women can possibly understand or imagine. And this blog is no exception. While it's true that a number of different women have directly influenced and directed my writings, there's one woman who remains clearly in front of the rest in terms of inspiration and contemplation. She inspired a poem, parts of two TV Pilots, a feature length screenplay, endless chatter, and yes, this blog. 

With the face of an angel, the body of a goddess, the heart of an Eskimo...and the soul of a fire crotch breathing dragon...originally from Chicago (a city I love), she's deeply affected me in ways no other woman has or will again. I'm a different man because of her...for better or worse. I'm still not sure. Regardless, she's served a purpose; she's been my extraordinary enlightening Muse for the last three and a half years. Not a day has gone by that I have not thought of her. I can't imagine a day where I don't think of her. I've finally come to accept what I've already known for 20 plus years: The pursuit of women for purposes of dating and loving is not healthy, for me. Hopefully, I'll spend my remaining years going after things that only make me happy and healthy.

It seems appropriate to mark my 100th blog entry with my former Muse's direct presence. As such, I am closing the book on her as my eternal enchanting, enigmatic, maddening Muse of a woman. And with that, no longer will I write any more Naked Truths. I'm all mused out. This is it. Thanks for reading and participating all that you have these last couple of years. I hope some of what you've seen here has been helpful, enjoyable and perhaps, inspiring.  May you only travel down paths that lead to fulfillment. I leave you with, what else? A quote from my one and only, bromantic Muse, Bruce Springsteen.

"Once I was your treasure, and I saw your face in every star"
Back In Your Arms (1988)

And what the hell...since this is my last might as well as have a look at the two curiously varied Bi-Polar faces of my singular most important feminine Muse, that just may have, in fact, hailed straight from the Garden of Eden. The first face below represents the woman who kissed me like my tongue was the best thing she ever put in her mouth. The second face perfectly captures the woman who acted like that kiss never happened...or mattered. In retrospect, I guess I should have paid more attention to a short film she wrote,  produced and starred in, that featured her Dad falling on a large nail that pierced his skull and killed him. 

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best, including my once, but not forgotten, Muse. L'Chiam.

Your Naked Truther